Customer Loyalty Management System

RAVI BILOCHI | 2020-01-18 16:00:00

Create and execute unique customer loyalty programs to reward your customers with loyalty points in exchange for the desired action. This also helps to manage customer loyalty data and information.


Build Customer Loyalty to Boost Revenue

Building your brand distinction is a key component in making your presence felt in the market. Members of the Customer Loyalty Program are the priority customers who earn points through repeated visits and purchases, thus, increasing the sales of the company. 


Build Customer Loyalty to Broaden Engagement

Customer Loyalty Program is a great strategy to make your customers feel valued and reward them for choosing your company over the other brand each time. It is an amazing opportunity for your business to build lifetime customers with a customer loyalty program.


Grow your Business with our Smart Customer Loyalty Management System


- No Sign-up Required

The bounce rate increases due to unnecessary sign-up or multiple steps for login. With our customer loyalty program, all you have to do is click on the link and you will be able to redeem your points. It is as simple as it can get.


- Track Your History

It has never been easier to track the coupons that are active, redeemed or expired. You can track the history of all the coupons through our dashboard to stay updated and formulate better marketing strategies. 


- Customize Loyalty Programs

Get an edge over your competitors by customizing your loyalty program to add more value to your reward system. You can set the loyalty program as per your preference by either giving back a certain percentage of the bill as loyalty points or increasing rewards for every visit to the store. 


- Linked Referral Program

Linking the referral program with a loyalty program is a smart way to leverage the existing customer base to generate more customers for the business. For that reason, we have linked our referral program with the loyalty program.


Follow Five Easy Steps To Get Started


Step 1- Create an Account either on the website or on the app.

Step 2- Log in with the username and password used to create an account.

Step 3- Go to the menu and select the Loyalty Program.

Step 4- Select Add Products to add products for rewards.

Step 5- Save itand Voila you’re done!


Loyalty Program to Keep Customers Happy


1. Customer loyalty points


It is a point-based loyalty system that is malleable and easy to understand. Customers earn points on the basis of their billing amount. When customers place their order they will present their number in which the points will be added which can be redeemed on the next visit. 


2. Give a Free Gift on the 5th visit


Everybody likes the word ‘Free’. This is another easy way to encourage your customers for repeated visits. You can offer your customers free gifts after their 5th visit or 10th visit or 15th visit and so on and so forth. Remember to increase the value of the gift with increased visits. Implement this scheme if you’re looking to increase the footfall of the customers in your store.


3. Align with a Cause


Simply ask your customers about the cause they are (or would like to) associated with and donate a small percentage of their bill to that cause on their behalf. This will encourage the customers to choose your brand over others because they will receive a sense of satisfaction when they will make payments with you because they will be involved in a good cause.


The Best Loyalty Programs Go Beyond Rewards

- Forbes


Why You Need A Customer Loyalty Program?


Customer loyalty operates on two principles i.e. reward and reinforcement. It helps to retain customers by rewarding them with points for desired actions or repeat purchases.

1. Customer Retention


Loyalty Programs have a positive impact on customers. Rewards & loyalty points make them feel valued which drives them to stay connected with the brand. This results in customer retention as the customer will be motivated to make more purchases to utilize their loyalty points & earn more.


2. Customer Data and Trends


When a customer signs up for a customer loyalty program with their details the company’s database starts recording the necessary information about them. This data lets you understand the customer’s behaviour, buying habits, and preferences which can help to determine the pricing, the inventory and the promotional strategy for the brand.


3. Reducing Unprofitable Customers


A well-designed loyalty program makes you aware of the customers that only buy discounted products and don’t invest in the high-end market on a regular basis. These customers can cost more than they help you generate money. The companies can provide better deals through the loyalty program to retain those customers that generate more profits.


4. Better Customer Communication


Loyalty programs help to build brand awareness and increase customer loyalty by providing them with regular information about the brand. It is essential to regularly update them with the new products/services, events, promotions, reward programs and special offers so they keep coming back for more. These customers also turn into promoters.


5. Brand Differentiation


Whenever a customer is looking for products/ services they compare prices and brands to get their best out of their buck. When they are part of your customer loyalty programs and are updated with the offers and discounts they tend to choose your brand over any other. This differs from other brands as due to the Customer Loyalty Program you have an added advantage.