Hotel Guest Feedback Management System

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Imagine the last great experience you had as a customer - recall the ways that experience made you feel? Likewise, think about the last time you had a dissatisfactory experience as a customer. You definitely wished to never step foot back there, didn't you!

A positive client feedback is vital for a successful business because a delighted customer might probably become a loyal customer who can help you boost revenue. The most beneficial marketing, one can witness is through a client who will boost your business on your behalf — one who's loyal to your services, promotes your business through word-of-mouth, and speaks well for your brand or service.

However, a negative client experience is as essential as the positive ones as their feedback about your hotel’s service will help you in the longer run to improvise in areas one might have missed out on.

The manner in which you view  customer experience probably reflects on how you look at your business in general. This is just one reason why adapting and installing customer feedback systems is so important.

At the point when you are maintaining a Hotel business, your clients become your visitors and it is required to give those visitors an extraordinary client experience else they won't ever visit your hotel again. To have the option to give a great visitor experience, it is most essential for you to understand what they expect and how they feel about your hotel. This is only possible through a hotel feedback system. For this reason it is a prerequisite to gather customers and visitors feedback. Here comes the need of executing a criticism framework in the hotels.


With the assistance of a digital feedback system installed at your hotel, you can receive feedback through tablets or send email and sms surveys at various entry points like during guest check-in and check-out, at restaurants within hotels, at gyms and spas and at banquets.

  • Get 100% more feedback
  • Feedback from all touchpoint
  • Get real-time feedback
  • Resolve issues faster
  • Track staff performances
  • Manage & compare locations
  • Improve Customer Delight & Satisfaction

Bid Farewell To Boring Guest Feedback Forms

Guest Feedback management software have replaced the age-old guest feedback forms using pen and paper with these customizable and user-friendly digital guest feedback forms for quick and hassle-free reviews.

Integrated Guest Referral & Loyalty Program

The guest receives rewards and offers that they can avail with the points they have earned through referrals or repeated visits which further helps to retain them and thus boost business.

Remarket Your Store

Customize your promotional SMS to market your store to the active and potential customer base to retain their attention and interest.

Analyze Employee Performance

Monitor & evaluate the performance of your staff on the basis of the guest feedback they have received for their service which helps to improve the efficiency of your employees. This helps to reward for the good services and alert against poor services.

Comprehensive Report

Get access to the smart and user-friendly dashboard that provides a detailed report on real-time customer feedback with daily customization options.

Negative Feedback Alert

Our in-app system alerts you with a message on your phone whenever a guest gives negative feedback so that you can act upon issues faster and resolve them optimally.


Well, you can use a multi-channel approach and utilize different touch points in order to capture feedback from the hotel guests. But the question here arises is how to implement a guest feedback system and what are the ways through which you can collect guest feedback using it.

Strengthen your presence and make a lasting impact with the Hotel guest feedback management software. FellaFeeds Guests feedback management software provides for your hotel and resort on premises, through digital tablet software, email, SMS and QR code. Use it for Restaurant feedback , Washroom feedback, Valet parking feedback and Guest feedback in the rooms and at the reception.

At the Reception

Setup Kiosks, iPad & Android Tablets at the reception to collect guest information. Hotel management can record guest details on the app to ease the check-in process. This will create a good impression on the guests because when you proactively seek your customers for feedback, it conveys a message to them that they are valued.

In Conference Rooms and Banquets

Get instant alerts and notifications for any havoc and react upon them instantly by installing Kiosks, iPad & Android Tablets in conference rooms and banquets for real-time feedback. Act upon those feedbacks in no time.

In Rooms

The best way to record the feedback of your guests is while they are in their personal zone and have ample time to judge and give their feedback to your hotel and services. Install Kiosks, iPad & Android Tablets in rooms for this.

At Hotel Pool and Spa

Setup water protected and sanitized kiosks near the pool and spa to collect guest feedback about their experience in the pool and spa and further leave suggestions.

At Health Centres and Gyms

Every nook and corner of your hotel provides a beautiful experience to your guests, feedback for which is really crucial to your business. Capture them even at gyms and health centres for equipment being used, services and ambience.These are great touch points to gather guests feedback since they are the services where the guests typically go when they have a decent amount of time to unwind and appreciate the facilities available.

In Restaurants

Don’t let your guests beat around the bush about your services and ambience before you know it first. Ask them for feedback via tablets or phones over food, services and ambience.



We at FellaFeeds enable you to collect feedback through all means and provide easy access to guests to allow them to provide feedback easily. Guests get the chance to choose from multiple touch points and methods of taking feedback like tablets, kiosks, online, email and sms to get guest feedback in hotels and resorts.

On Premise Feedback Systems

iPad & Android Hotel Feedback App

Customer feedback can be collected through surveys in hotels, resorts and BnBs via Kiosks, iPad & Android Tablets or Mobile Phone using the Customer Feedback App- FellaFeeds

Hand it over

Hand over the tablet or phone to customers for feedback.

Embed Surveys on Website

Embed customizable Guest feedback forms or surveys  on your website to garner guest feedback from customers to know your customer’s feedback in your Hotel or resort post check in, at check out & during their stay .

Integrate Surveys with Hotel Guest app

Integrate the Hotel guest app with FellaFeeds guest feedback system to give you insights into the user’s experience and provide Real-Time Analysis for decision making.

Guest Feedback via Links

Gather Guests feedback via mobile responsive survey links sent to the customer through SMS, embed questions within Email or Print it on the bills generated.


We at FellaFeedscan guide and assist you to implement and utilize our Hotel Guest Feedback Software to acquire Guest Feedback and analyze your staff's performance. This will empower you to make an extraordinary guest feedback experience and assist you with improving your hotel administrations and inculcate better business choices. Additionally, it will make a solid altruism of your brand image in the market which will generously add to the development of your hotel's business.