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Customer feedback provides business owners with priceless insight to improve their business, products and overall customer experience. 

Asking customers to provide feedback in real-time on site (with a simple survey displayed on a user friendly kiosk) is the most dependable data an entrepreneur can get – the details of their experience are still new, and you don't need to depend on them making sure to do it. It additionally implies that baffled or miserable clients can vent at the store promptly and straightforwardly where it can really be heard instead of whining about the foundation via online media. 

Notwithstanding studying clients, review booths can likewise be an extraordinary method to gather contact subtleties to help assemble your promoting lead list. The tablet booth can transform any gadget into a beautiful registration station and requires significantly less counter space where it is fairly restricted. Stand studies offer an all the more outwardly satisfying experience for the client, and study motivators like coupons or unconditional presents can be conspicuously advanced on the primary screen.

With the assistance of FellaFeeds install the Kiosk Feedback system for Customer Feedback and Survey

Install kiosk feedback system for In-house feedback and survey. Get real-time updates with push notifications and analyze results with the following feature - 

1. Auto Restart Survey

2. Take Feedback Offline

3. Track Devices Remotely

4. Safe, secure and reliable

Having a customer feedback solution provider with these qualities brings your brand one step closer to providing an amazing customer experience.

The essential customer survey tool

  • Easy to use feedback capturing views and opinions of all demographics 

  • Multi-language enabling you to capture all nationalities

  • Large fonts and flexible survey design making it accessible for all ages and abilities

  • Advanced Functionality for a resource that can be fixed or portable – secure and robust

  • Highly Secure with lock-down software and encrypted data – UK hosted

  • Total Solutions. We can provide a total solution designed for you or you can utilise existing hardware and in-house resources

  • Full Support – reporting, further analysis and training options are all available.


Here’s why you should opt for kiosk feedback system -

Aesthetically Appealing Product

Now and again, the vibe of your product probably won't be your first thought – however, it's a significant one. While picking a client input booth arrangement supplier, it's not just significant that it has the abilities you're searching for, yet that it likewise conveys your brand's message clearly, and with style. 

The booth itself alongside the showcase should be tastefully satisfying, drawing in clients and provoking them to interface. Clients won't move toward something that looks obsolete or hard to utilize, so ensure your answer supplier can convey a stand that offers to your expected target audience. 

Real-Time Feedback

When searching for an answer to improve loyalty and raise income in your company, search for one with constant capacities. For clients in a carefully propelling world, chance to react can represent the moment of truth and involvement in your image. This makes it basic to remain top of each and every request that comes in. 

Not forgetting to keep steady over each message, real-time communication has likewise demonstrated to improve efficiencies, increment client faithfulness, furnish more precision with reactions, make additionally captivating discussions and surpass client desires. Today, rushing to react has become a desire, so real time communication should be a basic component to search for.

Customizable Platform

Your solution provider should have the option to modify the brand for your image and your client. Having the two paths of customization improves the experience and keeps your foundation top of psyche all through the whole evaluation journey. 

The kiosk ought to follow a similar look and feel, having colors, phrasing, pictures, and recordings that speak to your image fittingly. Your logo should likewise be shown all through the whole experience. In the event that your solution provider utilizes a kiosk that looks equivalent to each other client they administer, it is difficult to make it genuinely your own. 

Moreover, the stand ought to likewise be adaptable to the visitor regarding language. At the point when the visitor picks their area, the language or language alternatives ought to change in like manner, fitting to their requirements.

Mobile Friendly

According to researchers, 83% of mobile users say that a seamless experience across all devices is very important. There’s nothing more frustrating for a customer that wants to give feedback and can’t because of an unresponsive mobile platform.

Your solution provider should not only be offering mobile integration but also offering the same features that are on the kiosk. For instance, the questions should be the same, the experience on mobile should be fully branded, it should provide location selection, and the mobile portal should be visually appealing. Pew Research claims 91% of adults are using cell phones, so it’s important you’re including a mobile option. Having a customer feedback solution provider with these qualities brings your brand one step closer to providing an amazing customer experience. 

At FellaFeeds, Take Surveys And Feedback on Kiosk feedback system More Efficiently

Create a clean, minimal & beautiful Kiosk survey that your customers will love filling out. It comes with tons of sophisticated features at the functional level. Customize Kiosk surveys, run them on Tablet Smart Tv and Ipad based Kiosks to implement a super-effective survey process.

Customize your kiosk surveys

Design your survey from scratch. Pick a colour scheme that best fits your brand and add your company logo for more precision & branding.

Auto Restart Survey

Your Kiosk will restart automatically once its being filled or is ideal for a quite some time , that after feedback or survey time out

Track Devices Remotely

Track your Kiosk remotely, check battery, history , sync online and check wifi status, also control forms and other dynamic data on your kiosk feedback and survey system

Constructive Feedback with NPS and CSAT

Collects feedback through Net Promoter Score and CSAT. NPS assists in measuring customer loyalty and retention score. It offers completely customizable surveys using Matrix, Emoticons, Stars, Sliders and more.

Set up Kiosks

Turn your device into kiosks so it can be used for surveys only. Set it up at places with high footfall and automate the feedback collection process to increase responses.

Real-time SMS & Email alerts

Get real-time updates via emails & SMS to analyze results and take necessary action to resolve issues immediately.

Location-based Reports

For multiple business locations, receive location-based reports and alerts for comparative analysis of reports between different locations to take necessary decisions.

Collect Offline Surveys

The internet is down? Don’t worry and keep taking your feedback and surveys as it will sync later when your internet is back.

Create a Smooth Survey Experience on Kiosks by undertaking the following steps -

Pick a survey template

FellaFeeds has inbuilt templates that can be customized to best fit your brand. It is possible to adjust the layout, change the questions and the theme of the survey as needed

Choose from suggested questions

Mind - boggled about which questions to ask? Choose from our range of questions to be well on your way to getting reliable responses to reach your goals.

Brand Your Surveys

To brand your surveys add your brand logo, change colour and fonts, add your own background image for it to conform to your brand’s style

Customer Feedback on Kiosks

Customer Feedback can be automated through kiosks. FellaFeeds powers kiosks to be self-operating and include inactivity time-outs, auto restart, click through surveys and more.

Design Smart Forms

Make surveys more customer friendly by adding logic features like skip to create smart forms. Display only relevant survey screens to your respondents.

Choose Survey Orientation

To provide even a better customer experience you can select your survey orientation and choose between landscape or portrait modes on your android mobile or tablet

Today, touch screen survey kiosks provide a platform to gather feedback and measure customer satisfaction in busy locations - including tourism sites, public services, offices and shops. Sleek, touch screen feedback kiosks are the all-in-one solution for gathering feedback.

FellaFeedsis a real-time customer feedback tool for recovering service and improving customer satisfaction. It has the flexibility to be integrated with various touchpoints: through WiFi logins or through connected devices and machines already present in the customer journey. Learn more about how FellaFeeds can help drive customer satisfaction for your business.