Must-Have Features Customer Feedback App Should Provide

Posted by Shivangi Bansal on Dec. 3, 2018, noon


Customer Feedback is an essential part of the business. Customer Feedback plays an important role in the entire life cycle of a product/ service. It helps you to compare and evaluate your performance from the predetermined standards set. Analyzing customer feedback gives you an insight into what aspects of your product/ service customers are liking over the others.

Through Customer Feedback Analysis the managers can take appropriate decisions for the growth of the brand and sales performance. For that, it is necessary to collect customer feedback efficiently and effectively. 

Honestly, the biggest challenge in the customer feedback space is not utilizing the data collected to draw relevant information for the growth of the business. A Customer Feedback App should extract at least the following data to make constructive plans and strategy for the business and increase customer engagement.

1. Detractors & Promoters

A company can track detractors by using a Customer Feedback App which will help to analyze the Net Promoter Score and develop a strategy to follow up with your detractors to convert them into promoters. It is important for a brand to look out for such customers (detractors) because they are more likely to switch to the competitors. 

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2. Customer Loyalty Drivers

Net Promoter Score gives us a quantitative data about our detractors and promoters but it is important to acquire qualitative data as well to know what is driving our customers to turn into either of them. Adding a survey question after the NPS will help to get more insight into what is on the customer’s mind.

3. Geographical Data

Through surveys, transactions or customer registrations it is possible to get an idea about the location of the customer. Being informed about where the customers are located helps to refine advertising targeting strategy. It can help to improve the results of your money spent on advertising and marketing campaigns. Knowing where your customers are located can help refine your advertising targeting strategy. 

4. Contact Information

Incorporating a question at the end of a survey to collect customer’s contact information can help you keep track of the customer’s activities relating to us and also provide them with a better experience everytime they visit.

It is a cost-effective way to email your customers or send promotional messages to update them about the upcoming events or offers relating to your store. This helps to increase customer engagement and makes the customers to repeatedly choose our brand over the others.

5. Customer Preferences

It is necessary to ask customers about their experience with your brand relating to inventory, product or services. This will give you an idea about their likes, dislikes or preferences which lets you manage your brand accordingly. It is a great opportunity to introduce new things and let go of the product/ services that are not helping you make profits.