Part 2: 10 Highly Important Questions to Ask in Restaurant Feedback App Survey

RAVI BILOCHI | 2020-01-16 04:30:00+00:00

Bonjour readers!


Hope you had gone through our earlier blog of the series on the same topic but different sector. If not, then head fast to our earlier blog on 5 Important Questions to be Included in a Guest Feedback App.


Sighting the importance of feedback in every sector, we have decided upon another important one of Restaurants and Cafes.


The way customer feedback is important in hotels, it is also important in restaurants and cafes. It lets you know more about your restaurant’s ambience, food, services, and overall customer experience. This is one of the important assets of your business that will let you make better improvements and attack more diners.


So, what questions you must ensure to include in your online surveys in order to know more from your customers?


We have one such list, it might not be a complete list but will surely help you to work closely with your team and staff for relished experience and fulfilling food aura via restaurant feedback app of yours. Before further ado, let’s go through the questions quickly:


1. How often do you visit us or dine with us?

This question in your restaurant feedback app will give you an approximate idea of what type of customers or diners are visiting you and filling the survey form like a first-timer, infrequent or frequent diner because your goal is to turn the first and second category of the diner into the third category one.


2. Most important NPS question i.e. How likely you are to recommend us to others?

Though this question must appear at the end, it is one of the most important questions to be included in your survey. To know why we are saying so, give a read to our blog on NPS and its importance. Give a read to both the parts of the series and understand how it can help you with your business.

A positive response to this question will give a boost to you and your business while a negative response will give you the motivation to improve and work towards betterment. Thus whatever would be the response, it will help you in a better way.


3. How would you rate our staff’s services and their ability to serve you?

Your staff is working, an on-premise team in your restaurant who cater to your patrons and their needs.

Working with your staff is of the utmost importance, like your food and ambience. Well trained staff will raise customer satisfaction levels and thus boost profits. Positive response will help you reward them and negative response will eventually help you train them better. As it is them who will directly interact with your guests. Including this in your restaurant feedback app will give better insights into the staff working.


4. What did you like the most about our food and services?

Though this would be a comments question in your restaurant feedback app survey/form, but is necessary when it comes to understand and learn about the various components of the restaurant that are working better than others and also those that are requiring improvements but you yourself as owner and/or manager aren’t aware of it.


5. What did you not like about our food and services?

After questioning them about what they liked the most, it becomes obvious to ask what they did not like.

This will help you know what elements need improvement and what elements need to be eliminated completely from the restaurant, whether be it from the food section or something which is not liked about the services like serving of water in between when everyone is eating without asking from customers, or non-provision of lemon water to wash hands at the end to name a few.


6. Does the restaurant offer you sufficient healthy options to choose from?

Sighting the importance of health and nutrition these days, it is becoming highly crucial that you remain competitive and offer a wide variety of healthy options to choose from in order to have variety and thus allowing you to make decisions on any modifications required in the restaurant’s menu of healthy eating or snacking.

Check for not only healthy dishes for the main course or something, but also for bite-sized snacks. This looks appealing and gives diners a chance to choose from in case some are they are there just for some light snacks and a few drinks.


7. How quick and/or requisite services were being offered? 

Being a customer, no one wants to wait for an unnecessarily long time and thus knowledge of the speed of service becomes important for better customer retention rates. Speed of service plays a major role at fast food outlets at least, if not much at high-end restaurants or exquisite cafes.

It is not mandatory that you’ll have to make improvements, it might happen that there isn’t any improvement required.

This question will help you understand their thoughts about your service’s speed and thus let you improve upon the services of food delivery if any!


8. Was the choice of beverages sufficient to choose from?

Beverages include both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Some restaurants cater to both while some cater to only one kind of beverage, but whatever might be available, there must be sufficient options to choose from. 

Gauging on your customers’ thoughts about the current beverage menu and any upcoming ones or even anything new they are expecting from you would help you come up with some exciting options on board. You can also ask about the bar services, if present, as the bartenders and mixers.


9. Did the restaurant provide you with a family-friendly environment?

Having a family-friendly environment means catering to children quite well, besides elders being involved. Asking this question will let you know whether some family-friendly features need to be introduced or improved upon like crayons, any form of entertainment for kids and coloring books to name a few.

Your restaurant feedback app survey must cater to every possible thing about your business.


10. How much would you rate our cleanliness and hygiene?

Restaurants and cafes demand a high level of cleanliness, hygiene, and sanitation. You can’t compromise on that and thus need assurance from your customers about the same through the restaurant feedback app survey. This is something compromise on which could hurt your restaurant’s reputation and harm you in profits and revenue generation too.


And finally, we are done with 10 most highly anticipated questions to include in a restaurant feedback app form. Though it was a bit long but highly relevant and appropriate for people in this industry.

If you think that we missed out on something, do comment below and help us and others know more about it.