Student feedback system for educational institutes

RAVI SHANKAR BILOCHI | 2019-03-29 11:23:22


 A feedback system is a must for all platforms which also includes various institutions. This not only helps to improve the existing quality of a particular system/ website/ institute but also increases its efficiency. It is always a good strategy to seek feedback.


You can always include questions regarding your customer’s experience of your website (here institute), were they able to find the products they were looking for, was the website convenient in terms of usage, were the filters enough to find exactly what they needed, so on and so forth.





Why are feedback systems important?



We have all come across various tiring feedback procedures where either we have to go through long strenuous procedures or perhaps invest a whole lot of our times into something that at some point does seem somewhat vain.

Yet there is a staunch belief in something so efficient as a process that does good to a larger section of people by simply asking for their views on something that they have been using for some time then. Well, let us go through some reasons as to why we need feedback systems:


  • Feedback systems are important because they form an important part of communication.
  • You receive views regarding your website/ institute and there is always a scope for improvement if needed.
  • It helps you to compare and evaluate your performance from the existing defined standard sets.
  • Upon analyzing the feedback from your customers, you personally get a brief idea into what your customers are liking over the others.
  • You can always take efficient steps in order to improve the quality of one’s feedback forum.



Therefore, you can truly rely on feedback platforms for the improvement of existing systems and also when it comes to expecting something truly up to the mark. This further implies that a feedback button should be a part of every website, every forum and institute as well.



Why an educational institute needsfeedback system/ app?




A student as it is doesn’t earn and therefore investing so much of one’s parent’s money into some institute that perhaps stand futile, means a lot more than a simple loss. One goes for various coaching institutes online as well as offline while preparing for numerous competitive examinations Therefore, the existing quality of an educational institute should always see to a student’s suitability.

This can only be possible when one keeps a record of what their customers want. You can only know this upon asking your customers the same. The students usually come up with various queries and opinions when asked about their experience in some educational institute (online/ offline). There comes a point when they are completely done with the existing education system and want to break all shackles and getaway.


The very purpose of a feedback forum is to prevent anything of this sort and help students overcome all such hitches when faced with any.


Purpose served by all such feedback systems, as in for educational institutes:


  1. They strengthen the bond between students and teachers.
  2. They make the students consider the teachers as their only confidant.
  3. Educational institutes prosper better when they know that their students want them to come up with something completely out-of-the-box.
  4. Students can always learn better in an environment that considers their difficulties as their topmost priority.
  5. The educational institute supplying such feedbacks make it easy for themselves to gain more and more students from all across the country.


Thus, an educational institute that considers it as its solemn responsibility to improve the lives of the youth of this country should always consider giving away feedback systems in the form of app, hardcopy. Afterall, this is all a circular procedure where the students going away taking something productive indeed do something prolific viz-a-viz entering into rather stupendous a field.


What are the features of good feedback systems in reference to the education sector?


Customer Feedback Forms should be comprehensible as well as intelligible. They should have a modest design which makes it rather convenient to follow instructions. Some such features of a good feedback system in the education sector include:

        1. Proper spacing:

Student feedback for various educational institutes should be clean and organized so that they do not annoy the students as they might look time-consuming and difficult to follow through.

Therefore, there should not be so many words and content on a feedback form/ page/ app.



2. Proper labels:

The instructions on the feedback page/form should be somewhat clear and brief. The labels should be placed close to the questions so that the user doesn’t have to scroll back and forth to check them repeatedly. This further makes it very troublesome for a student.

As a student, one cannot afford to invest so much time on a feedback form/ page/ app.


3. Minimize compulsory fields:

Don’t make answering all the questions a compulsion for the students. Let the students submit the form even if they don’t want to attempt one out of the four questions for it is always better to have something than nothing.


4.Compatibility with mobile devices:


Always ensure that your feedback app/ form/ page is compatible with mobile phones and other devices as well. Also, it is able to resize depending on the device it is being surveyed on.


5. Ask the right questions:


it is indeed very important to ask your users the right questions in order to ensure the success of your feedback page/ forum. Right questions include


. easy and short questions.

. lesser questions increase the chances of a student answering them.

. no unnecessary questions.

. ask questions that are relevant.

. students will only answer questions that obviously in the first case make sense and secondly help them in one or the other way.


6. Be inquisitive:

Ask questions about things that make you curious and you don’t probably have answers to, for instance, why would a student prefer your educational institute over others? For what different reasons are your students attracted to your system?

You can surely get answers to these questions if you add a comment box. The students can thereby express their thoughts in that comment section. Where MCQs only provide you with expected answers, comments surprise you.


7. Constant rating scale:

If you are asking your customers to rate your product/ services or similarly other things then make sure that in all those kinds of questions the rating scale is the same. If you’re using the scale 1-5 then stick with it in all the questions and don’t switch to 1-10. Also, on the scale of 1-5 if 5 is the best and 1 is the worst then it should be consistent for all the other questions as well so that the customer doesn’t get confused.



All the above-mentioned features in some or the other way make sense. Moreover, they are a must if planning to go for a successful educational institute for only something that inspires your customers (here students) will be beneficial in the long run. These are perhaps all the steps that might help you form a better feedback form if not yet done!







FellaFeeds is a multi-feature feedback app which supports various devices and lets you collect feedback on Kiosks, iPhone, iPad, Android Tablets and Phones. Moreover, FellaFeeds also supports various delivery platforms. It collects feedback through online survey links and embeds surveys. It also assists in creating Email Survey and SMS Survey which can be sent via APIs.

We further enable you to send a survey with the NPS question, which happens to be a popular method for measuring customer loyalty. It rather assists you in receiving an instant NPS score update on the dashboard with a detailed report, which you can use to evaluate your institute (its working and efficiency) thereby providing a better experience.

We also offer completely customizable surveys using Matrix, Emoticons, Sliders and more.

Now let us go through the itinerary that briefs the various things that we ought to offer you:


  • Customer (student) feedback:

Collects feedback through customer survey which includes Net Promoter Score and CSAT. NPS assists in measuring customer loyalty and retention score. It offers completely customize surveys using Matrix, Emoticons, Sliders and more for the various educational institutes.


  • Smooth dashboard:

Instant update of NPS scores on the dashboard assists in tracking brand’s growth as it displays the customer retention score, customer feedback, number of unique customers and real-time analytics to get insights on different aspects of your business.


  • Customer (student) loyalty program:

Customer loyalty operates on two principles i.e. reward and reinforcement. It helps to retain customers by rewarding them with points for desired actions. These points can be tracked through our customer feedback app to avail various offers.


  • Referral program:

Referral programs in this competitive era of business prove to be the most rewarding strategy of marketing and maintaining your brand worth. The in-app referral program promotes the growth of the business. Students can refer your institute to their family or friends to earn a percentage of their bill.


  • Social media push:

FellaFeeds lets you push your customer’s reviews on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms for marketing purposes in just a click of a button.


  • SMS Panel:

We provide you with a library containing a thousand messages rather addressing over a hundred situations. Simply select the message, edit it to your needs, select your target customers and just press send. You will never find yourself losing your customers (students) like this.


Our awesome features include the following:


                1. Real-time analytics is a technology that provides fast and accurate feedback.


 2. Negative feedback alerts, that is, our in-app system which alerts you with a message on your phone whenever a student gives negative feedback.


               3. Free social media content 


              4. Employ Performance Analyser which analyzes your employees’ performance via automatic activity tracker on a daily basis to improve the efficiency of your employees (teachers).


              5. Promotional SMS and Emails that promotes and markets your business by sending regular Promotional SMS and Emails to update your students about your institute thereby ensuring repeated visits.


6. FB/ Email/ Google marketing wherein we simply promote your business on Social Media Platforms through Digital Marketing to boost your business and gain more students.


7. Smart responsive dashboard which is our smart customer feedback monitor that gives you insights based on your preference. You can filter your feedbacks, categorise them, mark them and share them as well. Sharing feedback with employees/ teachers helps to take immediate action for ultimate customer satisfaction.


8. Tracking Respondents, the best and most efficient way to track respondents is to send surveys via email. Fellafeeds enables you to track delivered emails, email open rate, survey open rate, and response rate. Our recent update enables you to import email addresses and phone numbers as well.


  9. Locations, that is, if you’re doing pretty great in life and have multiple business locations then we want to make it even simpler for you to track the growth of all the locations in one place hassle-free. Receive location-based reports and alerts to compare performance and take necessary decisions.



Well, well, each of you wants something so enticing yet comfortable for your business endeavors where growth matters the most to you. No one understands this better than we do and therefore, we have come up with much-commended incentives, all of which are mentioned above.




Final thoughts on thestudent feedback system for Educational Institutes.

It indeed important to ask the students about their experience with your institute regarding the quality of education, a method of teaching and the study material provided.

This will personally give you an idea about their likes, dislikes or preferences which perhaps lets you manage your educational institute accordingly. It is a great opportunity to introduce new things and let go of the methods/ services that are not helping you as well as your students make any profit!