10 Must-Have Features your Hotel Mobile App Should Have

SHIVANGI BANSAL | 2018-12-05 12:00:00

There was a lot of debate about whether a Hotel should have a dedicated Mobile App or just stick to its Website. A lot of opinions surfaced but at the end of it, I can say it is definitely a great idea. It would add value to the guest experience as they will be able to experience a level of comfort that they could not have imagined before. You can add various features to the Hotel Mobile App that you can't on the website. The guests are more likely to access various things from a click of a button rather than browsing online and looking for options.


You can increase customer satisfaction through the hotel mobile app if you pay attention to the following features that will enhance your guest's experience in your hotel. It like make their stay more comfortable and convenient.


1. Hotel Information

Guests are conscious these days about their stay. They want to be more informed about the rooms, amenities, hygiene, food and other factors related to the hotel before making any bookings. Hotel Mobile App should provide pictures of rooms, reception, swimming pool, food etc to give the guests a slight idea about what they are signing up for. It is also a smart move to add direction facility via an integrated map so that they can reach your hotel hassle-free.

2. In-app Booking

The most important feature of the app is the In-app Booking facility which allows the customers to make hotel reservations directly from their mobile app after reviewing the hotel information. Don’t forget to ask your mobile app development team to add the feature of mobile transactions so that the guests can easily make the payments.

3. Mobile Check-In

Just the way flight check-in have made our lives so easy similarly room check-in can make it even more convenient. It is one of those features that would drive guests to download your app. Not only it is convenient for the guests but it can also cut down on operations and give your staff some extra time to focus on making your guests’ stay even better.

4. Room Upgrades

To provide your guests with a better experience and take a step towards increasing customer loyalty you can offer your customers room upgrades at the time of check-in. Guests will already be excited about their vacation and getting an upgrade from a room to a suite at a nominal price will be a cherry on the cake. It is both in the interest of the hotel and the guest.


5. Guest Initiated Communication

I understand there are landlines in hotel rooms to connect to the reception, room service and laundry but providing that extra comfort to your guests where they can directly communicate with the staff members through a mobile app will give you brownie points. This shows that you take your guest satisfaction seriously and want to make them feel welcomed.


6. Additional Services

You can include various features like a ‘Nearby Option’ where guests can see a list of famous tourist attractions to explore around the city. You can also provide options to commute to those places from your hotel. Another feature that you can provide your guests is ‘Add-ons Option” where guests can simply inform you about any additional demands they have like decorating the room or getting flowers and cake etc.

7. Travel Arrangements

If possible it is recommended to take care of the guest’s travelling. If they have booked a hotel room with you then it is obvious they would be looking to book flight tickets, cabs, buses etc to commute to all the places around the city. It will be convenient if that service will be provided to them on your app and then can simply plan their entire commute there.

8. Convenient Checkout

The checkout process is usually very exhaustive and the guests dread this part of their trip after they are tired and simply want to go back home. You can address this problem by adding a feature of ‘Checkout’ where guests can ask for a checkout request from the comfort of their bed and quickly pay online without the hassle.

9. Payment System

More than three of our features require mobile payments which means it is necessary to have a secure payment module through which customers can easily book their hotel room and flight ticket. Your app should provide the guests with the convenience to make successful online payments without worrying about security.

10. Feedback

Following the above steps will take your hotel mobile app on the next level but it is important to know your guest’s experience in your hotel. It is advised to incorporate a feedback system to collaborate with a Customer Feeback App like FellaFeeds to give you insights into your user’s experience and provide Real-Time Analysis for decision making.