10 Must-Have Features your Restaurant Mobile App Should Have

SHIVANGI BANSAL | 2018-12-13 18:00:00

Are you doubtful whether developing a restaurant mobile application will be a reasonable investment for your business? Allow me to give you some clarity on the subject matter. It is known that the food industry is flourishing with the support of technology. Customers have also developed a connection with technological integration and are obsessed with it now. This industry is extremely profitable due to its immense potential and fiercely growing demand. There are infinite opportunities in the new age but it is important to grab them at the right time.

Hardcore Foodies are trying everything from street food to high-end restaurants. Sharing images of food on social media is a trend right now which in fact gives restaurants free publicity. But wait a minute how will the people know your restaurant exists? How will they spread the word about your restaurant? How will they review your restaurant? How are they going to order home delivery? How will they even know if you offer all these facilities when you don’t have a presence of your own! 

Therefore, every restaurant owner strives to have a highly organized restaurant mobile application and an impressive online presence so that they can attract a huge number of customers. It is important to know your customer and in this time when people are on their smartphone almost all the time, shouldn’t the restaurants be on it as well?

Employing this technology will help to solidify the restaurant's presence in the market while also being a great tool for promotion. Following are the must-have features that your restaurant mobile app should have to increase its downloads and restaurant sales:

1. Location Information

For you to serve your customer it is important for them to walk in from that front door. It is a smart move to add direction facility via an integrated map so that they can reach your restaurant hassle-free. This way the customers will not face any inconvenience to find their way and can just enjoy themselves.

2. Loyalty Programs

According to Statista’s survey, 37% of the customers use a restaurant mobile app to look for discounts on their orders. While 26% of the customers use the app for either redeeming or earning their loyalty points.

It is easier to retain existing customers through offers, discounts or loyalty programs than creating brand awareness among new customers which is a much more expensive process. Therefore a company should invest its time in building a great loyalty program to retain its customer. I am sharing with you the Guide To Building a Customer Loyalty Program Through Customer Feedback App which should help you with almost everything!

3. Referral Programs

It is still important to focus on attracting new customers for the growth of the restaurant which can be done through referral programs. You can simply provide your customers with various benefits if they refer your restaurant to their family or friends.

You should add this feature to your app so that it is easy, simple and quick for your customers to take the action. You can know more about the Types of Referral Programs Every Business App Should Incorporate to guide you in this process.

4. Easy Orders and Payments

Placing orders should be one of the main features of the restaurant mobile app. Pickup or delivery options should be added to increase orders. These features are highly responsible for increasing the number of downloads.
Taking orders via the app can make it convenient for the staff as they would know exactly what needs to be made, along with any special requirements given by the customer. Don’t forget to ask your mobile app development team to add the feature of mobile transactions so that the customers can easily make the payments online and your delivery guy has to worry about one less thing.

5. Social Media Sharing

Social Media integration is one of the permanent features in almost every app these days. It is a great tool for promotion, marketing and collecting reviews to increase the restaurant’s popularity and customer base.

Customers can leave reviews, take pictures of their food and themselves enjoying in your restaurant and upload it on social media websites like Instagram and Facebook which will help you attract more attention.
Another smart strategy is to link your social media with the loyalty program so that the customers are motivated to share their experience online to earn more points and rewards. This will help you develop relationships and turn them into repeat customers.

6. Easy Menu Access

Customers are more likely to visit your restaurant if they can access your menu easily and get comfortable with what food you have to offer and its price. A very common behavior noticed among customers is that they don’t visit a restaurant if they can’t get their hands on the menu easily.

So instead of relying on other apps or website to display your menu, take the matters in your own hand and give the customers what they expect.

7. Click to Call

I am talking from personal experience and it is a necessity for your app to have a ‘Click to Call’ button. Customers have questions about the ingredients, taste, quantity for which they will have to look up your number on google which is not convenient.

Adding this small detail can help your customers to get their questions answered about the menu, reservation times, or location.

8. Push Notifications

Push notifications are supposed to be handled smartly and carefully. If not timed and placed properly they will irritate your potential customer. Make sure to subtly slide in the push notifications with offers and information that will interest your customer. The important thing to remember is to not send too many push notifications and make it a plain advertisement.
You can add a few steps and ask your customer to decide when would they prefer to know about the upcoming offers and through which medium (SMS, Email, Push Notification). If you manage Push Notifications in this manner, and it will help in growing your app substantially.

9. Table Reservation

This is another main feature that your restaurant mobile app should include. Customers don’t like waiting in line while they are already starving for your delicious food. It leads to frustration and hopping to the next available restaurant which no restaurant owner wants. 

Therefore, restaurant mobile app should have a table reservation option for the customers. They can simply book their tables in advance and enjoy their meal without any waiting line.

10. Customer Feedback Portal

Following the above steps will take your restaurant mobile app on the next level but it is important to know your customer’s experience in your hotel. It is advised to incorporate a feedback system. You can collaborate with a Customer Feedback App like FellaFeeds to give you insights into your user’s experience and provide Real-Time Analysis for decision making.