4 Easiest Ways to Get Customer Feedback For Your Restaurant

SHIVANGI BANSAL | 2018-12-11 18:00:00

Customers dine-in a restaurant with the expectation to have a gastronomical experience. This experience depends on the quality and taste of food; the ambience and hygiene level; and the service of your employees. Getting ‘useful’ customer feedback is a huge problem for the restauranters since forever. 

According to research, 43% of customers don’t leave back feedback because they think the business doesn’t care. On the other hand, 81% of these customers admitted that they will willingly leave feedback if they are assured they will receive a response. 

Analysing your customers’ feedback can give you an insight into what’s going on in your customers’ mind to provide them with a better dining experience. Following are a few easy ways to get customer feedback for your restaurant:

1. Face-to-face Customer Feedback

It is exactly what it sounds like. Feedback is collected directly by interacting with the customers to know their opinions and views about the food, ambience and the overall experience in the restaurant. Your waiting staff is best suited for this because they can create personal relations with the customer while serving them due to which the customers will be more comfortable to express themselves in front of them. 

2. Receive Feedback via Text

A lot of customers want to express their opinions about their good or bad experience but usually waiting staff doesn’t entertain the customers for the same. This leads to disappointment. Receiving feedback via text one of the best ways to interact with your customers.

Customers will feel more comfortable to share their view via text where they can maintain their anonymity. This will help them reach out to the management also and will feel valued. This way you can receive the first-hand review from your customers to provide them with better services next time. 

3. Online Reviews

Online reviews are a big deal these days, most of the people check online reviews before selecting the restaurant they want to dine-in. Online reviews can make or break a restaurant, especially the recent reviews. It is vital to encourage customers to share their feedback about your restaurant online.

Most customers happily share reviews online if they had a happy experience, you simply have to ask them or provide them with an offer in return.

4. Customer Satisfaction Survey

If you want to get deeper insights and want to understand what’s going on in your customers’ mind then creating a restaurant feedback survey is the way to go. Surveys give you an opportunity to customize your questions depending on what you want to examine or extract information for. Surveys are also a great way to discover customer trends so that the restauranteurs can make strategic decisions to increase footfall. If you want to know the 10 highly important questions to ask in a Restaurant Feedback Survey.

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