Get Ready for Christmas Customer Experience!

SHIVANGI BANSAL | 2018-12-10 18:00:00

As we approach Christmas season, shops and online shopping sites get busier, orders increase, deliveries may take longer, and customers might get really annoyed. There is chaos, excitement, and happiness everywhere during this season!

It is likely that consumers will be more careful in their spending this year because of the rising prices and inflation, which has led to overall sales falling this year. Don’t know about Santa but we need to make our customer go Ho! Ho! Ho! this season to achieve high customer satisfaction scores.

Customers want the best of both worlds. At the same time as they are looking for discounts and bargains, they also want their shopping experience to be simple, quick and hassle-free. Increasing competition with the same or similar products squeezes the margins and profitability. In this case, customer experience is the only way through which consumers can differentiate among the brands.

Businesses can maximize sales and revenues by following the tips given below:

1. Stay Positive

Christmas is a stressful time, we need to buy gifts for everyone, start decorating, put up the Christmas tree and the dinner preparations. While everything is going around in your customer’s mind it is important for you to provide them with some calm and peace and make their entire experience in your store blissful.

The person on the front line needs to give out positive energy and stay cheerful in tone at all times. If there is some inconvenience then get straight to the point and acknowledge the problem quickly.

2. Pay Attention

Even after taking all the measures the customers might get dissatisfied or angry. It is paramount to find quick solutions to their problems and follow up with them to avoid any misunderstanding.
Customer feedback gained in the past through Customer Feedback App can be used as well. 
Customer Feedback App- FellaFeeds helps in feedback analysis and gives insights about customer experience which will help to avoid any issues that occurred in the past. Brands can also take notes from the Black Friday Sales that just went by.

3. Take Care of Employees

Santa loves his elves as much as he loves spreading happiness to all his kids in the world. It is so important to take care of your staff and keep them happy. Make an effort to boost the morale of your team and reward employees for their hard work so they feel connected to the brand. Celebrate Christmas with incentives and games to keep employees happy and cheerful. Also, don’t ignore the health and wellbeing of your employees during this busy, stressful and hectic time of the year.

4. Learn from Competitors

Customers comparing you from your competitors is inevitable. Therefore, you need to provide something extra to your customers that will add value to them which your competitors are failing to provide. 

Test your systems through mystery shopping and sending queries to compare how long your system is taking than theirs. Use this information to improve your company and make changes to offer one of the best customer experience.

5. Be Honest

Lastly, most of the customers understand that Christmas is a busy time of the year so quick deliveries and orders can’t be placed with just a click. The frontline staff has to be honest about this rather than over-promising and under-delivering. This would, in turn, lead to unsatisfied customers and might hurt your brand reputation. If there is still any failure in customer service, you need to act quickly and provide quick updates before the customers get disappointed.