Guide To Building a Customer Loyalty Program

SHIVANGI BANSAL | 2018-11-29 18:00:00

In a world with numerous similar products/services, it is crucial to distinguish your brand from the competition. Building your Brand Distinction is a key component to make your presence feel in the market. Customer Loyalty Program can help you to stand out, while it also makes your customers keep coming back. 

Members of the Customer Loyalty Program are the priority customers who earn points through repeated visits and purchases, thus, increasing the sales of the company. According to a report, members of the customer loyalty program spend up to 18% more than the other customers.

Customer Loyalty Program is a great strategy to make your customers feel valued and reward them for choosing your company over the other brand each time. It is an amazing opportunity for your business to build lifetime customers, so it is important to create a great customer loyalty program.

1. Choose a creative name


The first thing the customers will notice is the name of the program. The name needs to stir up curiosity and interest among the customers so that they feel the urge to participate. Name your reward program something that reflects your brand, it’s products and values that your community will relate to.

The name shouldn’t be too straightforward like ‘Loyalty Program’, it should go beyond than just explaining to customers that they will receive rewards or discounts. Make it unique and creative so that customers are intrigued to join your program.

2. Connect with the Customers

Customers are skeptical about loyalty programs and assume that businesses are trying to trick them into spending more. It is definitely the goal of your loyalty program but you should create values and opportunities for your customers so that they connect to the brand and are excited to be a part of it.

For Example, Amazon Prime not only offers free two-day delivery but it also involves a ton of other convenient rewards like the free TV show and movie streaming, free grocery delivery which increases the interest of the customer in the brand more.

3. Rewards for other activities

You can show your customers that you value them if you reward them for other actions as well. You can reward them more points for actions like following your brand on social media or sharing content on social media relating to your brand or subscribing to your emails or newsletters for regular updates.
This will increase customer engagement on social media platforms and will also help to advertise positively through word of mouth. The customers will also be happy to receive extra points for engaging in small activities. 

4.  Make ‘points’ valuable

If you're expecting your customers to make an effort to enroll in the customer loyalty program then you have to make sure that what you’re offering to them is worth it. If the customers are spending enough and are not seeing enough return on their investment then they will be dissatisfied and drop out of the program for a better one.

It is important to relate your points to a value. For example, 1 point can be equal to half a rupee, this way customers can keep a track of what they can earn or spend by continuing to put in the kind of efforts they are putting.

5. Market your Loyalty Program

Like everything else in the world, to sell anything its important to market it and let people know it exists. It is extremely important to market your customer loyalty program and let people know about its benefits. One can promote the program customer loyalty program on social media platforms and adding push notifications whenever customers complete an activity which makes them earn points.