How Technology Has Changed Restaurant’s Customer Engagement

SHIVANGI BANSAL | 2018-11-26 18:00:00

We can all peacefully agree that technology has changed every aspect of our life. It has taken over our lives in a way that we can’t imagine life without it now. We wake up through alarms, socialize through social media, schedule meetings online, save photos on phone and the list is endless. In fact, we choose the place we want to eat at through online reviews on platforms like Zomato, Magic Pin, Swiggy etc. When was the last time you entered a Restaurant without checking it’s a review? I’m sure very long ago!

These days it is not enough to just have quality food, good ambience or a great service, you require the power of technology to get the maximum results.

Create Digital Menu

The Digital Menu provides more flexibilities than a traditional menu. The restaurant owners can change their offers and dishes as many times as they want to meet the expectations of their customers without costing them a hefty amount. Digital Menu is personalized and can be customized to look for attractive. You can add images of your dishes to give your customers an insight into what you have to offer. 

You can display seasonal specialities, chef’s special and bestseller options on the menu for your customers to browse. That's not it, you can promote your signature dishes during off hours to attract new customers as well. Also, It is advisable to minimize the menu because customers might get irritated because of multiple screens. 

Customizable Dishes

Customers love to have their options open. What could be better than providing them with customizable dishes? Topping, spices, chicken, veg, the more options the better. Restaurants can Install a Kitchen Display System which will reflect the customized order received from the customer on the kitchen display so there is no mix up in the order.

Customer Relationship Management

CRM system helps the restaurant’s staff to track the birthdays and anniversaries of their customers. With this system, they will be more efficient in providing them with personalised offers to make the customers feel valued and increase the chances of them coming back to your restaurant every other time.

CRM also keeps your customer updated through Promotional SMS about your restaurant regarding any new dish or event lined up if any. It will be more likely that you will be able to leave an impression on their mind and they’ll choose your restaurant whenever they will dine out. 

Chatbots & Conversational Interface

Digital assistants have changed the industry completely. You can order food online and customize your order as you will. The AI application allows you to select your preferences and place an order right from their mobile app in just a few minutes. These AI Robots also help the restaurants to enhance their quality and increase the delivery speed. Restaurants are adopting these techniques to provide their customers with a better experience.