How to Efficiently Collect Customer Feedback

SHIVANGI BANSAL | 2018-11-14 12:30:00

We've already established in our previous blogs that Why Customer Feedback is Important. Let us now know how to collect customer feedback from all the platforms to get the maximum result out of customer feedback to grow our brand even further.

1. Incorporate a Feedback Button

Feedback button should be a part of every website I believe. It is an easy way to get feedback from your customer. Chances are that the customer will complete the feedback process if they have clicked on that button. Either the customer likes or dislikes the website he would want to share his experience.

Use something like “Talk to us”, “Support”, “Feedback” or anything similar for the customer to approach you.

2. Live Chat Support

Live chat is a very efficient customer service tool. It is convenient for the customer to ask questions anytime they have an issue on the website and expect immediate support.

It helps you understand which issues are occurring continuously so that you can address them and the customer also doesn’t leave your website because they can’t figure out certain things as they have someone for support.

It’s convenient to place a chat icon on the bottom right of your website so while they are browsing, they can chat as well.

3. Customer Feedback Surveys

Creating an efficient customer survey is not an easy task. There are so many potential questions to ask but you have to be careful to not make it too long otherwise there is a chance that the customer won’t finish it.

You need to target the right questions towards the right audience to get the maximum benefit out of it. Read our blog on 5 highly important questions to incorporate in your survey.

4.  Calling and Building Relationships with Customers

As I always say, be proactive. Calling your customers helps you get firsthand feedback. Listening to their voice and tone helps you evaluate their feeling towards the company.

The key here is to create a relationship during that conversation and make them feel that you genuinely care about their thoughts and want to help them. To get the most out of this you should consider calling them at appropriate times.

5.  Email Surveys


It is a good way to get customer feedback from new customers. When they have placed the order such surveys can be sent to them within 4-5 days including all sorts of questions from their experience on the website to delivery.

Be careful that you don’t repeatedly send such surveys to your customers as they might get annoyed and unsubscribe you.

6.  Feedback On Order Confirmation Page

It is a good strategy to seek feedback on the Order Confirmation Page. You can include questions regarding their experience of the website, were they able to find the products they were looking for, was the website easy to use, were the filters enough to find exactly what you need.

Remember to keep the questions short and ask multiple choice questions or yes/no questions but don’t forget to put a comment box in case they want to leave a review as well.

7. Social Media

This is my favorite one. Always track social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Google+ to know what customers are talking about your brand. There are various tools available online that help in social listening which can collect data from social media websites that is relevant to you. 

The other tools help you track the social presence of your competitors to give you an insight on things that they are lacking behind on and you can catch up to.


8. Customer Feedback Forms

Place a dedicated feedback form on your website. This everyone should do because you should have a place where customers can directly reach out to you in case of an issue. 

The form should include all relevant questions and definitely a place to ask for their email address and don’t forget to displays yours as well.

Now that you know how to collect customer feedback and the best platforms to collect it from, let us understand the best ways to encourage customers to give the feedback. Follow the link to know more: