How to Encourage Customers to Write Feedback

SHIVANGI BANSAL | 2018-11-14 18:00:00

Customer feedback is inevitable for a business, it helps to get a competitive edge, create customer trust, improvements in the product and simultaneously taking the brand further.

Both online and offline feedbacks are prevailing but we often find ourselves indulging in feedbacks online either on google or other websites. We can strategize customer feedback through various different techniques.

The fundamental principle for this is to make the regular customers happy with your product/service because they are your best promoters. To make the customer’s happy we need to know what they want, which is possible through customer feedback. Following are the 7 powerful customer feedback hacks which can push your customers to write the feedback, let us explore:

1. Direct store feedback

This can prove to be the easiest yet most effective feedback technique, this can simply be done by asking them to write on a feedback slip or comment on the wall or through business cards etc. 

This direct feedback method helps in giving customers a sense of recognition and value by the company.

2. Building a community on social media

You cannot limit your customers to only offline feedbacks. Negative feedbacks are generally given online. It’s better to give them a place to share their opinions instead of spreading a bad word of mouth all over the internet.

Build a community on social media platforms were your customers can come together to share their negative and positive views about your product which will also be an easy way to address their issues. 

Through this, the other people associated with the customers will see the reviews on these social media sites and in turn, it will help in increasing prospective buyers. It helps in expanding customer base with least effort and cost efficiency on your end.

3. Emailing

Many times customers are willing to leave a private feedback rather than a public one. Emailing helps the customers to give a private feedback and on the other hand, helps the owner to take follow up and make amendments in case of a negative feedback. Hence, this proves to give customers a sense of privacy. Also, here customer complaints can be addressed easily providing them with personal satisfaction.

4. Offering incentives

This is a powerful technique to encourage customer feedback as its human nature to act on extra incentives and try to save money through offers because all of us are somewhat economical.

Attracting customers through offering incentives and rewards in exchange of feedback is a very smart idea as they will be more interested and invested in that feedback in order to get the reward. It’s a win-win situation.

5. Surveys

Surveys are a wonderful way to know exactly what you’re aiming to know. By creating multiple choice questions about the problems that you think are arising will encourage customers to quickly answer as it’s not a tiresome process. 

Also, you can create easy and fun templates through Fellafeeds customer feedback app which is completely customizable. Also, check our other blog for Highly Important Questions to Ask in a Feedback Survey. 

6. In-person feedback

Meeting customers in person and taking their feedback about the product/service helps in stressing the importance of customer feedback both to the customers as well as employees.

Speaking directly helps in understanding the customer’s likes, dislikes, preferences through their tone of voice, expressions etc. thereby gaining an in-depth knowledge of customer experiences.

7. Feedback forums on the company website

Providing a feedback forum page to customers on the company website helps in gaining more customer feedback as it is quick and readily available to the customers without much effort. In an era of digitalization, customers prefer everything to be quick and easy. For today’s customers time is money, so providing them with the feedback forums helps them to give reviews without much time and thought which eventually proves more beneficial for the employee.

The techniques mentioned above are the most effective and efficient techniques to encourage customer feedback time and again. Apart from this, there are many other feedback methods like; making customers feel the reviews are real through pictures, taking and maintaining feedback processes even after post sales in order to not only manage yourself in the cut-throat competitive market but also take your product to greater heights.