Losing Customers? Know How To Convert Detractors into Promoters

SHIVANGI BANSAL | 2018-11-03 17:00:00

Once in our life, we have all walked into a store and left disappointed, maybe because of the rude staff or bad customer service and left no stone unturned on earth to let out our frustration either as bad reviews online or lashing out about the store in front of family and friends.

That makes us the detractors for that store which means, instead of promoting the store we are taking away their potential customers which leads to them losing more customers.

It is important for a brand to look out for such customers to maintain their brand reputation and sales performance. A company can track detractors by using a Customer Feedback App which will help to analyze the Net Promoter Score and develop a strategy to follow up with your detractors to convert them into promoters in the following way:

1. The Goal

The goal of every company is to increase their sales along with customer satisfaction to build a reputation for their brand. Sadly, everything doesn’t turn out the way we want and often times than not the company loses customers due to poor services and/ or product. It is crucial to follow up with them for customer feedback and take suggestions to improve the product and/ or service.

2. Emotions, Not numbers

The moment you start identifying your customers as numbers and statistics, it disconnects you from the reality of their human experiences with a brand. Try contacting your customers to know more about the story behind their feedback, instead of saying you lost 1% of sales. It is better to find out a reason behind losing those sales rather than talking in terms of stats to know where the brand is lacking behind and what can be done to overcome it.

3. Curiosity is the key to success

We are aware of the fact that not all customers leave feedback or state the complete reason behind their disappointment. It is our responsibility to read between the lines and try figuring out the real reason behind customer dissatisfaction. FellaFeeds is a Customer Feedback App that alerts you instantly about a Negative Feedback so that you can take quick action and follow up with your customers to resolve their issues.

4. Procrastination is the thief of customers

Customers don’t walk into stores as detractors, they are there to simply fulfil their needs and wants. They have nothing more than the standard expectations of the company which when they fail to achieve frustrates the customer. It is crucial to recognize dissatisfaction among the customers and address it immediately otherwise it will keep building up and turn out to be more harmful for your brand reputation.

5. Create Positive Experiences

Customers enjoy the interaction with the brand and when a brand makes an effort to know their experience while providing them with a solution it helps in customer retention. They will remember that positive experience and in the future will not be rigid in reaching out as they have a sense of familiarity that the person on the other end will listen and is there to help which will help to build the brand reputation tremendously.

6. Be proactive

I can’t insist enough on the importance of customer support to turn around the detractors. Customer support has answers to almost all the customer problems, they just need to be proactive and act upon them as soon as possible. Dealing with basic customer issues and solving their problems quickly will make the customer comfortable with the brand. In case of blind spots, it’s better to acknowledge their issue and apologize for the inconvenience while also informing them about any improvements or updates in your product in the future, if any.

7. Root cause Analysis

As I mentioned above, when you contact your detractors and develop a sense of familiarity the customer can confide in you regarding the problems that he/she faced that were repetitive. As you will speak to more and more detractors you can find a pattern which will help you figure out the root cause of the problem. This will change the game for you and you can build a plan and strategy to deal with that problem.

8. Damage Control

Certain detractors are more vocal than others and make an effort to share their bad experience with your brand on online forums. This is awful for your brand reputation and should be dealt with immediately to protect your brand from any further damage. These detractors should be contacted to resolve their issues quickly so there is a chance that they will share a positive experience in the future.