Restaurant feedback Software- Be on Top of Every Feedback

SHILPA SHARMA | 2018-08-31 12:10:42

Customer feedback is one of the most important areas to be focused upon for a successful business. The more you listen to your customers, the more there is a scope for making your business successful. An unsatisfied customer is not a threat to your business unless they spread the negative reviews about your products/services among their circle of friends and relatives. Since the news of bad customer service is susceptible to reach twice as many people than a positive review, what better than to hear what your customers have to say directly before you lose business with them? It will help you make sure that they leave satisfied, earning you a loyal customer, the most important asset in a business. The golden rule of business is to create customers who help you create customers. When your customers feel that they're being heard, it makes them feel like a part of the value creation process.  

Whether you are a multi-outlet restaurant chain, a small café or even a takeaway and delivery outlet, customers are your best critics and your best shot at boosting your business in various ways, directly or indirectly. While most companies focus on expanding their client base by adopting new strategies and attractive schemes, not much attention is given to customer retention. Studies show that acquiring new customers is 6 to 7 times more expensive than retaining the old ones. Gaining insight into what your customers like or dislike about your products/ services will help you improve upon them and use their valuable suggestions for strengthening your business, gaining new customers and increasing your market value. Customer feedback, no matter positive or negative helps you to know your strengths as a company and assess the weak areas that you need to improve upon. Since your clients are the ones you focus on giving the best customer experience to, it is also useful in analyzing the impact of the upgrades you make on your products/services on your customers. In the long run, it also helps you to make informed choices and decisions about your business.

Go the Digital Way for Effective Customer Feedback with Restaurant feedback Software  

Gathering customer feedback through the pen and paper mode in this digital era is akin to taking a leap back into the historical times. This method is not only time consuming, but it also involves manpower which is susceptible to human errors besides requiring enormous amounts of time to complete the task. The data collected through the manual mode is also unusable in the terms of it's re marketability unless it is collated regularly.

Restaurant feedback Software: Your Business Buddy

You can keep your business updated with customer feedback software available online. This software not only reduces the manual labor and the amount of time spent on gathering, analyzing and grouping the data but it also converts the data into a re-marketable asset through multiple online tools that make the task quick and efficient. 

FellaFeeds: Your Go-To Digital Restaurant feedback Software 

FellaFeeds is a Restaurant feedback Software which provides a digital customer feedback platform that collects, tracks, stores, sorts, and analyses customer feedback to help you grow your business. The FellaFeeds a restaurant feedback software lets the customers enter their response through a rating and review software on a tablet. These feedbacks can be filtered according to positive and negative reviews, employee name and other such filters, tracked in real time and can be exported across the devices. You can customize this customer feedback system to get real-time updates and notifications on negative reviews to be acted upon instantly, resolving the issue, which will help you achieve greater client satisfaction and boost your business within a stipulated amount of time.   

Customize the App According To Your Business Requirements 


This restaurant feedback software is customizable to help you explore the details of the customer and stay connected with them in the future. It contains customer feedback tools like customer loyalty point system which gives your customers attractive offers and ensures regular business with them in the future and an integrated promotional SMS panel which can be used to send an SMS to the customers appraising them of the new offers/discounts, sending them invites for special occasions like birthdays/anniversaries or festivals. As the owner of a business, this app also helps you to track your employee performance online instantly, making them motivated towards better performance and thus, gaining you some loyal customers in the long run. The platform also provides insight into the feedback analysis through state of the art analyzers and provides corrective suggestions accordingly, which will help you boost your business.