Tips to Keep in Mind while Designing Customer Feedback Form

SHIVANGI BANSAL | 2018-12-04 12:00:00

Customer Feedback is one of the primary drivers to improve the overall performance of the business. It helps to formulate and take better decisions regarding the product/ service and helps to better understand the demands and preferences of the customers.

All of us have given feedback at some point, some of them were easy and quick whereas some of them were pain stalkingly long. It is important to strike a balance. Companies understand this but still struggle to collect feedback for analysis.

It makes me wonder why? The reason could be as simple as they either don’t know how to collect customer feedback or they make the process hard for the customers. Follow the following tips for curating a customer feedback form that makes the experience of giving feedback blissful while collecting enough data for customer feedback analysis.

Improve The Usability of Customer Feedback Form

Customer Feedback Forms should be user-friendly. They should have a simple design and easy to follow instructions. Follow these steps for higher completion rates:

1. Proper Spacing

The customer feedback form should be clean and uncluttered which is easy on the eyes. A form with too many words or a lot of content can annoy the customer as it may look time-consuming and they might not follow through.

2. Proper Labels 

The instructions should be clear and concise. You should place the labels close to the questions so that the user doesn’t have to scroll back and forth to check them repeatedly which will be inconvenient for the user. That can take a lot of time and effort which will result in frustration.

3. Minimize Compulsory Fields

Don’t make answering all the questions compulsory. If the customer doesn’t want to answer one of the questions out of four don't stop them from submitting the form because you’ll still be getting some of the necessary information. It is better to have something than nothing.

4. Compatibility with Mobile Devices

If you follow all the steps given above then I can guarantee your customer feedback form already looks really good on the desktop. The last step is to make sure that it is compatible with mobile phones and other devices as well. It is able to resize depending on the device it is being surveyed on.

Ask The Right Questions

Now that we have addressed how to make it visually appealing, incorporate easy navigation and make it user-friendly, let's discuss how to curate the right questions to ask.

5. Easy and Short Questions

Don’t ask unnecessary questions in your customer feedback form that won’t add value to your analysis. Add those questions that give you an insight into the user’s experience. If there are lesser questions then the chances of the customer answering them increases.

6. Be inquisitive 

Ask questions about things that make you curious and you don’t have answers to. You might wonder why customers prefer your product/ service over others? Do customers use your product/ service for different reasons?

You can get answers to these questions if you add a comment box. The users can express their thoughts in that comment section. MCQs only provide you with expected answers whereas comments surprise you.

7. Constant Rating Scale

If you are asking your customers to rate your product/ services or similarly other things then make sure that in all those kind of questions the rating scale is the same. If you’re using the scale 1-5 then stick with it in all the questions and don’t switch to 1-10. Also, on the scale of 1-5 if 5 is the best and 1 is the worst then it should be consistent for all the other questions as well so that the customer doesn’t get confused.

8. Ask Relevant Questions

It is important to ask questions related to the customer’s experience so that they can share their views regarding your brand and provide suggestions for improving it. If you ask questions related to marketing or unrelated questions then the customers will be unmotivated to answer them and will feel less valued.