Turn Negative Feedback into Positive for Customer Retention

SHIVANGI BANSAL | 2018-11-13 18:00:00

It’s a nightmare for a brand to see negative feedbacks piling up on their social media. With trolls and memes hanging around these days, it doesn’t take someone a second to tarnish the brand’s image and make it the hot topic to troll about for the coming week.

It’s impossible to hide from the people on the internet who don’t spare a second to give you their piece of mind because why not? Freedom of speech and all. It gets even more important to deal with this backlash before the sky falls and there is no coming out of that rabbit hole.


Thankfully a minority of people are making this chaos and negative feedback can be a good thing. Negative feedback basically helps us spot things that we either didn’t see coming or consider, that could be hurting our brand. Instead of fighting it, we should embrace negative feedback as it helps us rectify the mistakes in the future.

Negative feedbacks are a result of a glitch or malfunctioning of a tool or a poor employee service which upsets the customer and causes inconvenience to them. The sooner it comes to your attention the better it is for the brand to learn and improve.

You can do the following things the next time you come across negative feedback on your social media platforms.

1. Don’t Hide From Criticism

It’s important to accept the criticism and not hide from it. The biggest mistake brands make is to delete negative comments or reviews from their social media platforms. It aggravates the issue even more and doubles the amount of negative feedback. The customer feels ignored and unheard and spreads a bad word of mouth.

It is advisable to address the issue as soon as you see it.

2. Address the problem

In the age of technology and instant connectivity, people expect you to respond to their issues immediately. In case a brand fails to do it, more and more customers start flooding your social media with the same issue making the situation even worse.

You need hands-on employees, and a platform that instantly recognizes negative feedback and alerts you about the same, so you can take control of the situation.

Fellafeeds provides Instant Negative Feedback Alerts which solves this issue and helps you take action in real time.


3. Respond Publicly

You should respond to public complaints publically. This helps you take control of the situation and sends a message that you address issues related to your brand and resolve them until the customer isn’t satisfied.

However once you’ve addressed it online, contact the customer privately to know more about the issue and take the process further from there on. This makes the customer think that you want to help and avoid any further negativity on the same topic.

4. Apologize sincerely

It is important to think from a customer’s point of view and have empathy towards them while addressing these issues. Be careful to not hurt anyone’s sentiments, beliefs, religion, or anything that can be taken personally by an individual.

In case the company has screwed up it is advisable to put forth a sincere apology showing that you understand the situation and will take everything in your power to resolve it.

5. Be proactive

When working on resolving an issue for a customer, the service provider should stay in contact with the individual providing them with constant updates about the progress of the matter.

The customer feels dejected when being ignored so it’s important to stay connected and constantly remind them that you’re working on the solution, and they matter to the company.

If you follow the suggestions above you can turn your negative feedback into a positive experience for the customer and the company. When customers feel that they are being heard and the company is putting in efforts to resolve their issue, they feel grateful and might also start advocating for your company. All you need to do is Address, Apologize, Resolve and Follow up with them regarding all their issues.

There, problem solved.