Types of Referral Programs Every Business App Should Incorporate

SALONI KHANDELWAL | 2018-11-15 12:30:00

There are different types of referral programs nowadays which is not a new concept as we are used to looking at friend’s suggestions and referrals, which is where this concept has been derived from. 

Referral programs in this competitive era of business prove to be the most rewarding strategy of marketing and maintaining your brand worth. The in-app referral programs are both feasible and viral for the growth of the business. Also casting a model for the app can help to attract many users and to make the hotel more and more popular. 

There stand different stages and different features for in-app referrals like generating links, sharing, disseminating, analysing etc. Now instead of sticking to the basic features let’s talk about the more competitive programs every hotel app should incorporate: 

1. Tangible Referral

Tangible referral can prove to be both exciting as well as economical for the customer as it will provide referrals in cash, be it giving discounts through, buying one get one free offer or golden cards or credits in the wallet. This will not only increase customer base but will also leave customers happy and satisfied.

2. Intangible Referral

Intangible referrals can be anything other than cash like membership, recognition or encouragement of social gift cards as customers would love their friends showering with gifts. 

Such interesting rewards may not help the customers with monetary benefits but will help to build customer loyalty and trust. Definitely, it proves to be the bigwig situation both for the customers as well as the employees. 

3. Bonus

Attractive bonus can be provided when a customer refers a friend through the referral link and higher % can be provided at the very first referral which will not only increase app and hotel popularity but will also bring new customers with less credit provided to them. 

Such lucrative bonuses like money back, coupons etc can help to enhance the app more gradually. 

4. Discovering through Newsletters, Emails

This is the most basic type of referral program wherein the customers can have a direct referral through emails or newsletters. Apart from the website, you can provide the customers such programs which are easily discoverable through blogs, emails, e-commerce stores, thank you page etc. 

Customers can use such opportunities as channels of communication which eventually can work as great referral programs on your end. 

5. Social Community Referral

Social community referral can be provided through online social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. 

A community referral program can prove to be one of the most vital hacks as people use social media more than anything and providing referral links on these sites will only be interesting for the customers and beneficial for the brand. In this scenario more and more potential customers will be joined with least effort on both customer and employee end. 

This is how these different referral programs will help in observing the results and clear understanding of ROI. Also, it will help to build a loyal customer base with low acquisition costs on employees part. Customer Feedback App- FellaFeeds, provides Customer Referral and Customer Loyalty programs where customers can get up to 10% of their total bill through referrals and earn points by being regular customers.

These programs stand great importance in the hotel industry as it helps to build prospective customers without much hassle on both ends.