Ways To Improve Guests’ Stay Based On Customer Feedback App

SALONI KHANDELWAL | 2018-11-16 12:00:00

The guest expectation is the cornerstone of every hotel, café or resort. Too much comfort or perfect comfort is a myth, but you can make the most of it with renovations, super creative ideas and super exciting offers as well. This will enhance the stay of every guest each day, year or season and then season after season.

There are various apps which define Customer Feedback in different ways but not all stand in the competitive race. Customer Feedback App helps in gathering all sorts of possible information regarding customer demands and complaints which further helps in enhancing guests’ stay based on the reviews. The Customer Feedback App – FellaFeeds guides the main features of the impactful app all at one place with customizable Customer Feedback. Here are some super convenient ways to improve guest stay through Feedback App:

1. Follow Up Pre-Post Booking

Once a guest has booked with you, make sure to attend him before and after the stay. No matter when is he going to arrive or leave, he is officially your customer now, so always consider the pre and post booking follow-ups in order to create a positive experience. 

2. Offer With Latest Technology/Luxury


In order to ensure the stay is a “win-win” situation for yourself, don’t forget to upgrade the most modern standards of amenities and latest of technology that the guests would admire even if it requires massive construction. It may land you in a tight budget but would definitely increase the Perceived Value of your property. Eventually, the guest would mark it as the most wonderful experience. 


3. Navigation And Transportation

One of the most vital features that can be added is the Navigation and Transportation which includes a roadmap of your place. This proves to be the convenient option that allows the guests to quickly order a taxi within the App. 

4. Negative Feedback Alert

With the help of Customer Feedback Apps, you can get the Negative Feedback Alerts which can let you know the customer criticism about their stay and instantly take proactive actions to make their visit the memorable one next time. The Feedback Alert would let you know the mistakes so that they cannot be repeated in future avoiding bad mouth about your hotel services.

5. Real-Time Analysis

The customer Feedback App – FellaFeeds helps in Real-Time Analysis of the customers stay to know them better in terms of their tastes and preferences which would later help in generating Exhaustive General Reports daily, weekly or even monthly to gather all possible information regarding feedback and extract the best out of it for future use.

7. Employee Performance Analysis

The most important aspect of Customer Feedback is the way they rate your Employees Performance once they finish off with their visit, or even during their visit. This feedback tool would help you know about the way your staff is catering to the needs of the customers. The Analysis would further help in making the changes in consideration with Customer Feedback to ensure their stay the best one. 

8. Website Surveys

To know the responses of your guests about newly implemented services or technologies, surveys can prove to be the most attractive idea only until it is not a tiresome process with a pen and paper concept. To bring in something new, you can create in-app Website Surveys with interesting multiple choice questions which the customers would answer with more fun and less effort. In addition to customer fun, it will help you to know about the Feedbacks online without any paperwork. 

Going forward, many more features can be added like Tour Visit, Customer Loyalty Program, Net Promoter Score etc. with the help of FellaFeeds which would definitely enhance the guest stay in your hotel and make your hotel a brand. FellaFeeds also provide attractive Referral Discounts to target more and more potential customers who make repeated visits to your hotel.