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When you consider the high costs and uncertainty associated with traditional advertising methods such as print, radio, and television and the ever-changing social networks that are now limiting your ability to reach your customers and prospects, you may be wondering how to make the most of your marketing efforts and see a real return on the money you invest.

Email marketing is a cost-effective solution that gives you the power to reach customers in a place most people visit every day“their inbox”.

It’s not that you should dismiss advertising and social networks altogether. 

Smart small businesses utilise email marketing because:

  • It allows you to expand relationships, loyalty, and trust by staying top of mind with customers and prospects that have given you permission to contact them.

  • It helps you target your customers and prospects so you deliver the right messages at the right time.

  • It gives you access to data — such as who opened and interacted with your email — so you can see what really works and make improvements over time.

  • It drives direct sales and supports sales through other channels.


1. Only send email to people who know you

People often tend to view emails from people they know, and they delete or mark as spam email from people they don’t recognize.

Thus, it’s critical that you always ask for permission before adding a new contact to your email list.

Permission-based email marketing is the best route to developing long-lasting customer relationships that drive repeat sales and valuable word-of-mouth for your business.

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You can also take advantage of mobile list-building tools to grow your email list on a smartphone or tablet.


2. Don’t treat your contacts names like a list, treat them like people

When someone becomes a part of your email list, they are opting-in to learn more about your business. A portion of these individuals will be totally new to your business and need to become familiar with what you have to bring to the table. Others might be rehash clients who joined your rundown to ensure they're keeping awake to-date with all that you have going on. 

Try not to botch the chance to assemble these connections the correct way. 

For new clients, you could ask messages with extra data to take a hike and the various items and administrations you have to bring to the table. For long-term clients, you can zero in on producing rehash deals and prize them with an extraordinary offer.

Recommendation: If you’re a Fellafeedscustomer, you can create customized emails that are unique to their specific needs and interests of people. You can also create a series of automated emails with our Autoresponder tool to send to specific lists with information and offers relevant to them.


3. Send relevant content that has value to your recipient

Recall that email marketing isn't just about getting your data before current and expected clients. It's additionally about tuning in to what your crowd is keen on and giving an encounter that is applicable and important to them.  At the point when you give content that is useful to your users, you'll have more individuals opening and following up on the substance you convey. 

Probably the simplest approaches to determine what sort of substance your crowd is keen on is to take a gander at your email reports. Inside your email reports, you can perceive the number of individuals are opening your messages and which bits of substance are creating the most snaps. 

You can likewise utilize a device like an online study to gather criticism from your crowd and see what they need to catch wind of.

Recommendation: If you’re not sure what your email audience is interested in, consider sending an online survey. FellaFeeds’ survey campaign makes it easy to collect feedback from your email audience and can help you better understand what makes your customers tick.


4. Engage your audience with the content you write

Once you’ve figured out what your email contacts are looking for in your email marketing, you need to create content that they will be able to connect with. Creating great content could be challenging enough, but it doesn’t have to become a full-time job. Great content starts with having a figured out content plan, a bunch of reliable content sources, and a commitment to being familiar with your audience.

When creating a plan, it’s helpful to look at the calendar and think about the different activities you have going on and the ways you can help your customers throughout the year. Your customers will be your best source for content ideas. Pay close attention to what they have to say and the questions they are asking in-person.

Recommendation -  With Fellafeeds, you can also easily share your emails on social media handles like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to drive engagement. Craft and draft your posts and creatives for all social media platforms right from the email builder. 


5. Maximize your delivery rate

One of the greatest benefits of using email marketing software like FellaFeeds is that we take the necessary measures to make sure your emails are safely delivered to your recipient’s inbox. At the same time, you could also take steps to maximize your email delivery and make sure your emails get to where they need to go.

One easy hack is to look at your bounce reports & tell if your emails are getting delivered. Emails can bounce for numerous reasons, including invalid email addresses, a full inbox, or out of office statuses. Keeping a track of your bounces will help you to remove any addresses with ongoing issues and maintain high deliverability rates.

In addition to bounces, you can also look at your spam reports. If someone on your email list reports your email as unwanted or unsolicited, it will be marked as spam. If you consistently have too many spam reports it may be time to review the content being sent over.

Recommendation: Use FellaFeeds software while creating your email to avoid issues before you send. If you still notice a high number of spam reports, consider reducing your email frequency.


6. Never share your email list

In case you're a business that regards the trust and security of your clients, you ought to never share your email list. 

Sharing your rundown could harm your standing, harmed client connections, and ruin the trust you've endeavored to construct. 

You ought to likewise abstain from buying a rundown from an outsider merchant. These rundowns are brimming with individuals who don't have the foggiest idea about your business, didn't join to get refreshes from you, and will probably overlook your messages or imprint them as spam when they appear in their inbox. 

Instead of sharing or purchasing records, search for approaches to band together with other neighborhood organizations or associations to broaden your scope. You can ask a non-serious business to assist you with advancing an up and coming deal or function, and in return, you can highlight them in a future email crusade. Hope to band together with trusted organizations that can offer extra benefit to your client base.

Recommendation: People do business with people who they know, like, and trust. Use your email content to show some personality and let readers get to know you and your staff. With FellaFeeds, you can easily upload photos to use in your email marketing and give customers a more personal look into your business.


7. Set expectations (and follow through)

At the point when somebody joins to get your email communications, they do as such with the desire for getting something of significant worth. In the event that you don't impart obviously what that worth is, your crowd may lose intrigue rapidly. 

The most ideal approach to set desires for your crowd is to utilize your email join page. Ensure your crowd comprehends the benefit of joining directly from the beginning. 

What would they be able to hope to get? How regularly will they get with you? What have others delighted in about accepting your messages? You can tweak your sign-up structure to exhibit the benefit of joining your rundown. 

Recommendation- Draft and save your email to shoot them at the best time to get maximum engagement. With our email performance and analysis, overtime, it becomes easy to personalize your communication and improve your reactivity rates.


8. Look professional whenever you communicate

You don't have to employ a fashioner or have any specialized skill to make proficient looking messages for your private company. 

With softwares like FellaFeeds, you can get to expertly planned email layouts that can be altered to coordinate with your image. You can undoubtedly include text, embed your logo, and pick tones and textual styles that fit your image. 

You can likewise transfer photographs, embed video connections, and add adaptable catches to make it simple for individuals to make a move. These formats are intended to work over various gadgets — including work area, tablet, and portable, guaranteeing that your messages look incredible regardless of where individuals are understanding them.

Recommendation: In addition to our customizable email templates, FellaFeeds also offers services to help you get started with an email template that matches your brand.


9. Regularly review your results

Your open and navigate rates will be the best measurements to decide how your messages are performing. These measurements can be impacted by the substance you incorporate, the recurrence that you send, and whether individuals perceive your messages in their inbox. 

Alongside opens and snaps, you ought to likewise focus on measurements like ricochets and withdraws. These measurements permit you to decide potential pain points. In case you're reliably observing countless individuals withdraw each time you send (it's entirely expected to see some withdrawals as your supporters' advantages change), you may need to return to your email advertising procedure and search for approaches to make upgrades. 

Past your essential email measurements, you ought to likewise focus on different business results including traffic to your site, deals, pedestrian activity, function enrollments, coupon reclamations, gifts, and some more.

Recommendation: If you’re sending email through FellaFeeds, you have access to email surveys that have inbuilt survey/feedback templates that can be customized to best fit your brand.

 It is possible to adjust the layout, change the questions,the form and the theme of the survey as needed.

10. Go beyond the inbox

You’re likely already using a number of other channels to market your small business. Email marketing works best when it’s integrated with these other communication channels.

Use sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn to reach new customers and extend those relationships by encouraging them to join your email list. You can also use email to drive traffic to different social media platforms and generate engagement on these sites.

It’s a great idea to add social media buttons in your emails so that people can connect with your social media pages.

You can also post your emails to all your social networks in just a few clicks.

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