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Create customized feedback app to collect feedback and survey from the customer, patient and employees. Choose the best feedback form and templates available. Use this feedback software as

Android or iOS based feedback app
Kiosk feedback software
Email and SMS feedbacks
Online feedback
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Multi-Channel Customer Feedback App

Feedback app supported on iPad, Android Tablets and Kiosks

FellaFeeds is a multi-feature feedback app which supports various devices and lets you collect feedback on Kiosks, iPhone, iPad, Android Tablets and Phones.

Feedback via Email, SMS and Web Survey

It collects feedback through online survey links and embeds surveys. It also assists in creating Email Survey and SMS Survey which can be sent via APIs.

Actionable Feedback app with NPS and CSAT

Evaluate Customer Loyalty with Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Fellafeeds enables you to send a survey with the NPS question and subsequently receive instant NPS score update on the dashboard with a detailed NPS and CSAT report Use

Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) Survey

Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) is a very straightforward method to measures customer satisfaction with a business, purchase, or interaction. FellaFeeds offers completely customizable surveys using Matrix, Emoticons, Sliders and more.

Real-Time Feedback Reports and Action
that will save and make money for you


Customer Feedback App

Collects feedback through customer feedback app which includes Net Promoter Score and CSAT. We identify feedback score and send communication accordingly , you can include a review link to your brand and discount coupon on negative feedback. It also gives alerts on negative feedback to the concerned person.


Smooth CRM

Analyzing your brand’s performance has never been easier than this. Instant update of NPS scores on the dashboard assists in tracking brand’s growth as it displays the customer retention score, customer feedback, number of unique customers and real-time analytics to get insights on different aspects of your business.


Customer Loyalty Program

Customer loyalty operates on two principles i.e. reward and reinforcement. It helps to retain customers by rewarding them with points for desired actions or repeat purchases. These points can be tracked through our customer feedback app to avail various offers.


Referral Program

Referral programs in this competitive era of business prove to be the most rewarding strategy of marketing and maintaining your brand worth. The in-app referral program promotes the growth of the business. Customers can refer your store to their family or friends to earn a percentage of their bill.


Social Media Push

Are you tired of paying your marketing agency a bomb to promote your brand on Social media? FellaFeeds lets you push your customer’s reviews on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms for marketing purposes in just a click of a button. Simply choose from our 100+ Templates on Occasions and Festivals to schedule your posts.


Automation in SMS messaging

Our customer feedback software helps you automate your messaging, you can set different SMS that will be sent to the customer on different events and actions, this will help in brand visibility and brand recall, we also send loyalty reminder SMS that will increase repeat business from existing customers.

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Multi-Channel Customer Feedback System

Surveys on iPad & Android

Customer Feedback App- FellaFeeds which is available on App Store for iPhones & iPads and on Google Play Store for Android devices.

On-premises survey software

Set up customer feedback software on Kiosks, iPad & Android Tablets or Mobile Phones to collect feedback on-premises.

Collect offline survey & feedback

The internet is down? Don’t worry and keep taking your feedback and surveys in offline mode and it will sync later when your internet.

Online & Mobile Survey

It is a good strategy to seek feedback on the website from visitors while they are browsing different pages. For that simply embed surveys in your website or you can print the QR code on bills, menu etc. so that customers can scan and submit the feedback.

Email Survey

Create intriguing and appealing feedback or survey and send it to the customers using our feedback software

SMS BASED Feedback

SMS feedback help to reach your customers instantly which improves customer engagement. Create short and simple messages and send it through the dashboard. All created surveys are responsive and hence will auto-adjust on all devices.

Awesome Features of our Customer Feedback App

Real-Time Analytics

Real-time customer feedback is a technology that provides fast and accurate feedback. FellaFeeds Real-time dashboard provides useful insights which empower the managers to take important decisions.

Negative Feedback Alerts

Don’t fret with negative feedbacks. Our in-app system alerts you with a message on your phone whenever a customer gives negative feedback.

Free Social Media Content

Dead simple to create content for Social Media Platforms. Simply choose from our 100+ Templates to add your text and schedule your posts hassle free.

Employee Performance Analyzer

Analyze your employees’ performance via automatic activity tracker on a daily basis to improve efficiency of your employees.

Promotional SMS and Emails

Promote and market your business by sending regular Promotional SMS and Emails to update your customers about your store to ensure repeated visits.

FB/Email/ Google Marketing

Need more followers? Simply promote your business on Social Media Platforms through Digital Marketing to boost your business and gain more customers.

Are you loosing out on customers because
you are unable to follow up with them?

Get more out of Customer Feedback App!

FellaFeeds follows a systematic approach with its real-time reporting and alerts. It updates the dashboard in real-time and sends notifications for every negative feedback or review. Consequently, you can resolve issues and improve customer experience.

Smart Responsive CRM

Our smart customer feedback app gives you insights based on your preference. You can filter your feedbacks, categorize them, mark them and share them as well. Sharing feedback with employees helps to take immediate action for ultimate customer satisfaction.

Tracking Respondents

The best and most efficient way to track respondents is to send surveys via email. Fellafeeds enables you to track delivered emails, email open rate, survey open rate and response rate. Our recent update enables you to import email addresses and phone numbers as well.


If you’re doing pretty great in life and have multiple business locations then we want to make it even simpler for you to track the growth of all the locations in one place hassle-free. Receive location-based reports and alerts to compare performance and take necessary decisions.

Tracking Respondents

The best and most efficient way to track respondents is to send surveys via email. Fellafeeds enables you to track delivered emails, email open rate, survey open rate and response rate. Our recent update enables you to import email addresses and phone numbers as well.

Types of Industires FellaFeeds is Serving

Restaurant & Café

Customer feedback app for restaurant and cafe help in taking surveys about food, ambiance, service and more on daily, weekly and monthly basis through the feedback app.

Salon & Spa

Set up customer Feedback app for your salon and spa after service surveys to evaluate customer experience to track and measure employees’ performance.


Set up tablets in various coaching institutes, workshops or classrooms to collect feedback from the students regarding the teachers and syllabus covered


Use Customer feedback software after test drives, sales & service to understand the needs of the potential buyers. And automate sales follow up to get assure more sales


It is important to set up guest feedback app tablets at various locations in the hotel to collect hands-on guest feedback for every aspect of the hotel. For use case like , restaurants feedback, swimming area feedback, washroom feedbacks and room feedbacks

Hospital and Health Care

It is advisable to set up kiosk of patient feedback software near the reception or on every floor to get patient feedback regarding satisfaction in that Hospital or Health Care Centre services


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