Patient Feedback System in Hospitals

RAVI BILOCHI | 2020-01-19 16:00:00

Unlike all other service industries, healthcare is one where people are ready to shell out money without negotiating. They are not ready to compromise on the medical treatment and care at any cost. Patients want a positive hospital experience for a speedy recovery. There are a number of areas of experience at the hospital. 

  • Diagnosis & treatment

  • Nursing & care

  • Canteen 

  • Hospital hygiene and sanitation

  • Washroom/Restrooms

  • Wards/OPDs for patients

  • Waiting area/Lounges for visitors

  • Medical care/Pharmacy

  • Staff/Doctors

  • Billing & payment

  • Parking & Security



My mother was recently admitted to one of the best hospitals in town for hysterectomy. The doctors took the best measures to make sure she was absolutely fit for it by conducting all the required tests. She was admitted in the morning on the day of the surgery in a private room. The cleaning staff came every hour to check if the room was clean. The nurses performed the pre-ops in an extremely efficient manner and explained the details of the procedure. They tried to calm her down and tried to strike a communication to make her comfortable and reduce anxiety. 


Post surgery, she stayed in the hospital for two days. The food served wasn’t bad and even the canteen for the visitors served a good variety. Doctors visited every 3 hours to make sure she felt alright, called for the required medicines from the pharmacy and changed her dressings.  Although daycare was extremely efficient, we encountered a lot of issues during the night. The nurses took forever to visit if called for. Apart from this, laundry services were quite slow and the nurses made us wait for hours if my mother asked for a change. The parking facility for visitors was also very poor.


She was discharged after two days and it was a smooth process right from paperwork, billing to the final medications being prescribed. So even though our experience was extremely good in most of the cases, a few pain points disturned the overall experience. The management undoubtedly wants to give the best experience to the patients and visitors but it is hard for them to understand the exact loopholes to take corrective measures. 



What we need to understand is, nobody willingly visits a hospital. It can be the most traumatic experience of one’s life. What the management needs to take care of is how to make that experience worthwhile as it is rightly said - “The best alley is the one that comes to rescue in your worst time.” In order to gain the trust of patients, it is imperative to listen to their issues and suggestions and act upon them without dawdling days. 


Word-of-mouth is the most powerful driver of growth for businesses, especially in healthcare today, especially with social media today, the outcome can prove to be disastrous. It is important to get customer feedback and take action on the insights obtained at the earliest. In contrast, good feedback from patients appreciating the services can do wonders in getting your business. 

What is important to note here is that patients’ feedback is extremely important for businesses to improve their experiences. While some hospitals have moved to digital feedback systems, many still rely on pen-paper for feedback. 



The pen-paper feedback method is tedious and not very useful. 

  • No patient is willing to or has the energy to fill pages and pages of feedback forms. 

  • Hospitals have to incur recurring costs on paper and printing.

  • Additional staff is required to collate the data.

  • This results in errors and requires a lot of time. The whole purpose of taking quick actions on the negative feedback is lost if the processing cycle is too long. 

  • Various softwares are used to analyze the data which again is not cost-effective & time-effective.



The shortcomings of pen-paper feedback is resolved with the digital method. It is a convenient and powerful method whereby as soon as feedback is punched in by the patient, it is visible on the dashboard instantly. It completely eliminates the need for human resources to collate and analyze data. In case of negative feedback, alerts are sent to the concerned person for immediate action. 

FellaFeeds is a real-time digital patient feedback tool designed to help you grow your business with an honest gauge of patient satisfaction. It is an automated digital platform helping you to cut through the noise by collecting and taking actions on the patient's feedback with instant analytics. 



Digital patient feedback collection, collation, and analysis process have helped healthcare business in the following ways - 

  • Digital format reduces time in collecting feedback and errors in collating and analyzing data. It also reduces the burden on workers and staff to enter the data in excel sheets. It eases the entire process in a significant manner. 

  • It results in a quick turnaround as compared to dawdling pen-paper feedback since there is a negative feedback alert facility, daily reports, and scores which helps to take instant actions without delay. This, in turn, helps to avoid major PR disasters. 

  • Positive feedbacks are converted into testimonials resulting in positive PR on social media. 

  • It helps to get accurate statistics with low response bias. Sound decisions can be taken based on behavioral sciences.

  • Real-time customer satisfaction can be gauged across departments in hospitals.

  • Patients' opinions are heard and acted upon which improves their engagement with the hospital. 



There is not one but numerous ways of getting customer feedback as per their convenience. 

  • Setting up dedicated feedback kiosks at various touchpoints

  • Feedback on tablets from patients in wards, on being discharged, on their regular visits for a checkup

  • SMS/Email links post-discharge

  • Scheduled automated feedback links sent every once in a while

  • QR codes to scan & share feedback at leisure

It is possible to customize your feedback using multiple questions and different templates. 



Collecting feedback is one small part of the whole process. It is futile if the important thing is missed which is to solve the problem and take action from the insights. FellaFeeds helps hospitals to capture real-time data to instantly take actions and solve the problems at the earliest. The features offered by FellaFeeds are - 

  • Real-time monitoring and actionable insights 

  • Daily Reports and stats 

  • Anywhere anytime access to the dashboard

  • Metric of choice (CSAT, NPS, etc.)

  • Sentiment analysis 

  • Campaigns for reviews on Google & Facebook

  • Specific configuration for hospitals

  • Multiple format exports

  • Complete security & data privacy 

  • A seamless experience for patients

  • Referral programs


FellaFeeds is a patient management feedback system that makes the whole process of collecting, managing, collating, analyzing and acting on patient feedback efficient and easy. Flipping unhappy customers into satisfied customers, improving the overall organization’s efficiency and assisting businesses to grow financially is how FellaFeeds is helping hospitals today. 



FellaFeeds send automated thank you/apology message to the patients after they share feedback. There is also a facility of sending personalized SMS, email to connect with patients post-discharge wishing them a speedy recovery. This improves customer engagement and helps to build a long-term relationship with the customer.