“Helps You Connect with Your Customers”

FellaFeeds, founded in July 2017 by a marketing enthusiast has grown to be a brand in itself built to empower offline stores with its competence of garnering feedback from customers digitally providing a platform to both the customer and the store owner to interact and share their views via digital feedbacks, thus modernising the whole concept of taking feedbacks in today’s digital era.

With their ability to monitor and analyze the digital feedbacks based upon huge analytics, FellaFeeds gives store owners an opportunity to get insights of a customer’s brain and on-going activities while visiting them, in the form of feedbacks.

It is aimed at capturing all the possible fields in which customer feedback is of utmost importance including Restaurants and Cafes, Spas and Salons, Retail, Healthcare, Resorts and Automobile sector. Deprecating the age old hassle of pen and paper feedbacks, we have come up with a solution to make the overall paradigm of taking feedbacks not only interactive but smart and effortless too. We help numerous stores in getting the most out of their customer visits by enabling them with high ended technology letting them know what people visiting them think about them.

We have been working closely with the store owners to perform real time analytics of the feedbacks obtained and generating exhaustive reports about what customers have been saying about them and their staff. These reports not only help in improving upon services and the environment of store but also help in training staff to their highest level of prowess. Our negative feedback alert mechanism raises an alarm for every negative feedback obtained in order to act upon ASAP. At the same time, our integrated loyalty and customer referral program helps in bringing more customers with due rewards and referral points. With us, you can remarket your store amongst all your loyal customers and make them aware of the latest advancements and any offers going on, letting you use various social media and other digital platforms to the best possible way out! The customer retention score is one such feature which lets store owners know the degree of satisfaction or dissatisfaction and their customers’ chances of recommending to others.

With our integratable customer feedback app, we ensure enhanced customer experience on the part of your store with improved services, rewards and loyalty points and what not. But as is the saying,

“Customer is the king”

We keep your customers at the top and help you achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction possible.

Running successfully in over 50+ outlets across India with 400+ daily feedbacks and 80,000+ unique users, the counting is still going and we too as a team and a brand name. Customer satisfaction and customer retention is what we aim for because survey is what matters and survey is what will help businesses keep running in near future too.