3 ways Restaurant Feedback App can improve your Business

YASHITA | 2020-03-13 06:30:00+00:00

It is easy to stray away from aligning your product offering with what customers really want. The best way to counter this is by obtaining honest customer suggestions and issues through the restaurant feedback app. Digital feedback systems today have changed the way businesses derive insights from customer feedback. The tedious process of requesting time-poor customers to fill lengthy questionnaires has been replaced by a user-friendly and engaging real-time digital feedback system. Restaurant Feedback App tends to leave a lasting impression on the visitor resulting in a higher brand recall value. With FellaFeeds, real-time insights and in-depth analysis of restaurant feedback lead to a better understanding of visitor complaints, sentiments, and satisfaction for quick resolutions.


Let us look at 3 ways how restaurant feedback apps can help you to improve your business. 


1. Constructive Criticism never harms anybody. 


We all are aware of how powerful word-of-mouth marketing for restaurants is. Positive reviews act as a catalyst for such businesses. At the same time, people will not risk even a small amount of money in a restaurant if they did not like their services in the first go or hear something negative about the restaurant. 


It’s not always possible to win back the lost customers but it is always beneficial to know what went wrong. Negative feedback helps to improve the services to be able to serve the new customers better. A lost customer is not always a loss entirely. If tapped accurately, they will tell you exactly where you lack. 


Smart businesses own it and hone it. Taking feedback at restaurants from customers is vital to the success of the F & B business. Feedback is a mighty tool if taken as an opportunity to refine the services. All constructive feedback is a sign of interest and a sign that people want to help you do better. It would be far worse for people to notice you doing bad work, and not say a word. Acknowledging the feedback and working on it is how you can engage with your customers and generate results. Feedback from your lost customers can help you retain the new ones in your restaurant.


As much as collecting feedback is essential, it is doubly important to address the negative feedbacks. Digital feedback gives real-time actionable insights that help to reduce the turnaround time and resolve the issues. Data-driven decisions help to measure their level of satisfaction and bring about the changes internally, if possible or escalate the concerns to the concerned authorities. 



There are various restaurant feedback apps to capture, analyze and act on customer feedback in the market today. One software that provides a 360-degree solution to all feedback, analytics, and marketing problems is FellaFeeds. It has been built to empower offline channels with its competence of garnering feedback from customers digitally, providing a platform to both the customer and the business to interact and share their views via digital feedbacks, thus modernizing the whole concept of taking feedbacks in today’s digital era.

With their ability to monitor and analyze the digital feedbacks based upon huge analytics, FellaFeeds gives businesses an opportunity to get insights into a customer’s brain and on-going activities while visiting them, in the form of feedbacks. What makes it even more powerful are loyalty and referral programs, promotional email/SMS blasts, negative feedback alerts, and social media marketing. 


2. Digital feedback ensures low response bias and faster turnaround time. 


Restaurant feedback app, as opposed to the pen-paper traditional feedback system, ensures the collection of more authentic feedbacks. Chances of managers manipulating pen-paper feedback are quite high if the feedback is not in their favour. In the case of a digital feedback system, once the customer punches the response, it is submitted and cannot be changed. This maintains transparency in the entire feedback collection process which in turn ensures that the issues are resolved faster and the customer’s suggestions are considered seriously. The entire process is enhanced and optimized with digital feedbacks and analytics. 


FellaFeeds has simplified the feedback process while making it more engaging at the same time. Their restaurant feedback app is fully customizable in terms of forms type so as to suit the branding of your business. The staff enters his unique pin before handing over the feedback device to the customer he has served which helps to evaluate the employee performance. The overall performance improves in order to maintain excellent records and get the best feedbacks from customers.


Negative feedback alerts help to cater to the disappointed visitor immediately. Whenever the customer gives negative feedback, SMS/Email alerts are sent to the management to take immediate action on it. In case that is not possible, there is always a chance to keep a record of it and to get back to the displeased customer in the future. This binds the customer to your business and retains them in the long run. 


3. Better customer experience and engagement levels are what will make you stand out from the competition. 


A customer is ready to pay more for your product and service as compared to the competitors for a better experience. Customer experience is the new battlefield between brands in this extremely competitive environment for businesses.  What better way to improve CX than excellent customer service and what better way to know customer expectations in terms of service than collecting their feedback. Feedback enables businesses in better customer engagement & retention and features like referral programs to increase the customer base. Brand recall communication, negative feedback alerts, loyalty program, marketing and review campaigns make it an excellent tool for businesses to adopt. Customer feedback is absolutely crucial to improving CX.


Improving customer experience has proven to increase retention, satisfaction, and ROI. All the factors are vital and a key formula to success for the F & B sector. Through digital feedback, a customer engages with the organization by providing their valuable suggestions which otherwise would go unrecorded. Customer engagement and their loyalty are intertwined and this is why it becomes imperative to make sure that the customers get involved with the brand. The best way to do this is by welcoming their feedback. 


FellaFeeds’ restaurant feedback application comes with a high-engaging gamification loyalty program as well as customer loyalty points systems. The restaurant may give a customer free food item/dish, rewards or even coupons. The benefits of these loyalty programs are that it broadens customer engagement and boosts restaurant revenue with repeated customer visits. This is a very structured marketing strategy used commonly today since we know that it costs more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing customer.


Digital Feedback Apps have become ineludible for restaurants owing to the cut-throat competition and numerous advantages. In a time when Zomato, Swiggy, Facebook, and Twitter can make or break reputations with customer reviews, restaurants have to deliver them the best experiences every time. A digital feedback system like FellaFeeds tells you what's happening at your restaurant before your customers rant this on any of these platforms. 


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