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Customer interactions are an inevitable part of any business. Brands and customers communicate at some or the other level, directly or indirectly. The point of interactions can be at the time of research, purchase or/and post-purchase whether in-person or virtually. The most vital aspect of any interaction for the business is Customer Feedback. 



Customer feedback is extremely important for any organization since it is a chance to know and consequently address the issues resulting in their bad opinions and experience with the brand. It gives businesses the opportunity to retain customers by giving them a good experience that will prove to be profitable for the company. FellaFeeds provides a single, dynamic customer feedback software for taking feedback and analyzing it. The activity of capturing feedback portrays a positive brand image to the customers i.e. your brand values their opinions and is willing to make changes to provide them with a better experience. 



Brands across the world are harnessing the power of customer feedback software to provide a favourable experience to their customers. FellaFeeds is a customer feedback software that puts all customer feedback in one place so communication is seamless and more result-driven. It is a one-stop solution for feedback collection, collation, acting and solving customer problems and also for tracking customer support tickets. It makes it simple for you to manage all customer feedbacks




  • Customizable feedback forms

  • Easy to handle large amounts of data

  • Real-time reporting

  • In-depth analysis and insights with NPS, CES, and CSAT 

  • Data-driven decision making

  • Instant alerts

  • More chances of customers giving the feedback

  • Low response bias

  • Take offline feedbacks - no internet required

  • Feedback from all touchpoints

  • Tracking employee/staff performance

  • Improves customer satisfaction

  • Quick turnaround and faster response time

  • Enables data-oriented marketing campaigns


FellaFeeds provides a 360-degree solution with its Customer Feedback App for capturing feedback, obtaining real-time actionable insights, negative feedback alerts, referral, loyalty programs, birthdays and anniversary campaigns as well as for marketing and remarketing campaigns. 

  • Industry-focussed interface and features

  • Complete loop for feedback - right from communication to action

  • User engaging UI: Fun and easy + Fast & secure 

  • Connected to Digital marketing platform like Facebook, Google Ads 

  • Availability of various mediums to capture feedback 




  • Android & iPad Apps in Tablets 

Hand-in-person Android Phones, Tablets, iPads or iPhones with the Customer Feedback App installed or set up as unattended feedback kiosks for people. 


No internet is no issue. You can continue taking feedback with the internet and sync it all once you have an internet connection. This ensures no data loss. 


  • QR Codes

Put up QR codes on the walls or packaging where customers can scan and share their feedback. This gives the flexibility to the customer to scan the code and give the feedback at their leisure. 


  • Email 

You can choose to send emails with survey links to customers to give feedback or embed survey questions within the email body.


  • SMS 

Send feedback links to customers through SMS to allow them to share their experience. 





A single platform catering to the issues of several businesses.


  • Digital Feedback Collection 

Collect feedback from your customers at different touchpoints with the channel and language of your preference. Assign location-based access and permission to staff. Use customized feedback forms and templates and use your branding to make an impact on your customers. Utilize the customer feedback to improve your product or service and strengthen your weak areas which receive frequent complaints from the customers. You may use one or more metrics of choice (CSAT, NPS, etc.) to capture customer experience. 


  • Complaint Management System

Manage customer complaints with real-time alerts and reports. Solve issues and take suitable actions to resolve customer complaints within the premises. Issues can be escalated to higher management in case the problem is not resolved in the first stage. 


  • Automated Messaging 

Get real-time notifications and alerts for feedback by setting up real-time SMS or Email alerts for negative feedbacks. 


  • Customer Loyalty Program

Capture customer loyalty and their recommendation to others by incorporating the NPS question in your feedback surveys. NPS is the market standard that measures customer loyalty on a scale of 0-10. FellaFeeds also runs a loyalty program or reward system based on the gamification model helping businesses engage with their customers better and retain them.


  • Referral Program 

FellaFeeds’ referral program is designed to get new customers via old or repeated customers of the brand. Special offers/coupons are awarded when a customer's referred person performs a transaction with your business. 


  • Employee Performance Tracking

Incorporate questions related to staff performance and ratings in your feedback in order to examine their performance based on customer feedback. 


  • Transactional & Promotional Campaigns

Each time your customer gives feedback they receive a customized transactional SMS acknowledging their input. You may choose to run promotional campaigns via SMS blast inviting customers about special sale seasons, ongoing offers, special events, on their anniversaries and birthdays, etc. 


  • Content for Marketing 

Push positive comments from customers on your social media in a click with a variety of available templates. 


  • Real-time, Insightful and Actionable Dashboard 

Get access to real-time insights of the customer feedback collected from the dashboard. FellaFeeds provides a customized dashboard for you to understand your underperforming areas. You can also gauge your business performance and compare the staff performances over any period of time. There are graphs, bars, charts and last few days’ statistics making it easy to comprehend and work upon. In the case of multiple locations, you can choose to receive reports for each of your locations individually or receive cumulative data for all your locations grouped together. Daily Reports are shared on email with a summary of the previous day’s feedbacks. There is complete security & data privacy assured with a seamless experience anywhere and anytime.




In a time when social media can completely make or break your business, it is important to hear and work on the issues faced by the customers before they lead the tirade on social platforms. FellaFeeds provides extensive reports from the feedbacks shared by your customers to help you resolve their issues faster. 


Customer Satisfaction & Retention


Comment Analysis 


Upcoming birthdays & anniversaries


Daily Reports