Part-2: How to go for the Best Net Promoter Score (NPS) Software to Suit your Business?

RAVI BILOCHI | 2020-01-13 09:30:00+00:00

Hola readers! I hope you had a gala time reading our earlier blog on what exactly is Net Promoter Score (NPS) and how to get started with it!


Taking this discussion to another level, today we’ll discuss how you can choose the best Net Promoter Score Software suiting your business the best. This will not only help you in providing enriching products and/or services to your customers in order to keep them happy and satisfied but would also ensure high business growth.


So let’s get started without much ado.


But WAIT! Why do you even need a specialized NPS Software for your business?


Just think about it!

You have a very good running business with a huge customer base and a good NPS score with the surveys you are sending to people, but you want more. You are looking out for a tool that could help you primarily with evaluating, analyzing and extracting exhaustive reports out of your NPS score. So you thought of using a dedicated NPS software for your firm. And now you just want to pick the one which best suits your business, needs, and demands.


Sending NPS emails manually to your customers, receiving scores, computing results and storing them in an excel sheet is a bad idea. You don’t have enough time and manpower to do so in case you have 1000s of such responses. In that case, the NPS tool is a must. And in that too, a personalized NPS software is like icing on the cake as these kinds of software are developed keeping NPS in mind with the way different analytics tools and reporting features which not only help you in gathering information efficiently but also analyzing it and acting upon it in the most efficient way.

If not NPS specific software, instead of a general one, would offer basic features of NPS thus narrowing its usage and not benefitting you in the best possible way. 

Some of the major noticeable benefits of using specialized NPS software are:

  • Use your company’s logo and personal styles depicting your company

  • Customize default and certain open-ended questions to be included in your NPS survey

  • Automate scheduling of surveys and workflows

  • Get notified of everything going on, immediately and thus close the customer loop

  • Benchmark organizational achievements and improve NPS score over time, thus beating your previous score every time you pass a milestone


What all you shall be looking for in your Net Promoter Score (NPS) Software?


Every business is different and so are the needs. Even if two businesses are the same, it’s not mandatory that they’ll be having the same requirements. One must choose the software which helps them in getting what they need. Some of the key features which you must be looking out for in an NPS software for your business are: 


1. Customization in survey template

This is one of the most important features that any NPS software must provide to you as you should be able to add your logo, brand colours, and style in order to personalize the surveys. You must also be able to change the default rating and open-ended questions, thank you pages and unsubscribe page in order to make people see what they are used to - your brand’s identity.

This kind of customization will let you tailor responses as per your respondent.


2. Provision of various survey channels

A dedicated NPS software will provide multiple survey channels to you for better customer experience evaluation and business growth by providing at least two of the following channels:

  • Email

  • In-app(web and/or mobile)

  • Text messages i.e. SMS

Let us see how each will help you and how:

2.1 Email: It is one of the most popularly and widely used means of sending NPS surveys due to its wider outreach and non-intruding factor.


2.2 In-app(web and/or mobile: In-app surveys are being extensively used by SaaS businesses or the ones that employ customers via online portals. Advantage of having this is contextual relevance and high response rate.


2.3 Text messages: Last but not least, sending NPS surveys via text messages i.e. SMS is not widely used due to various privacy concerns like contact details, which might not be provided by many people. SMSs have a higher response rate and lower response time.


3. Running multiple NPS campaigns simultaneously

The best thing about having dedicated NPS software is that you can run multiple NPS surveys at the same time. You can start by measuring customer loyalty with existing clients and then go for other campaigns based on the results catered from the first campaign. 

Knowing differences between transactional and relationship NPS can help you determine the needs of your business but one thing is sure that this feature is one which you must look for in your NPS software. 


4. Customer analysis and reporting

A major feature of survey services is to compute scores after getting feedback. Generally, NPS is available in the application’s dashboard but if your NPS software provides a live screen for displaying the score, you can get updated about real-time changes in it and can often get graphs of how scores change over time, the current NPS trend.

If you are choosing NPS software for your business, then various filters based on location, subscription type among others must also be provided to you as this will help you analyze and make comparisons for customer satisfaction within different segments, helping you know strengths and weaknesses.

Besides all the above-stated features, your Net Promoter Score software must also provide you advanced reporting throughout the customer journey. Received responses must be able to help you get hold of precious insights from a large volume of data.


5. Close the customer feedback loop

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is not just a mathematical metric, it is something that helps you grow and establish yourself as a business and know customer satisfaction and/or dissatisfaction. Your NPS software must be able to respond to your customers directly. And in case the issues with your customers would take some time, it is highly recommended that your personnel must be able to track the progress either by themselves or through various task management applications available in the market like Trello, Asana, etc.


6. Customer segmentation

No two customers are the same, and so different are their needs. They might be using varied products and/or services that you provide, spread geographically around the globe, stay at different locations and what not. In order to avoid over-surveying, you must be able to survey different sections/ segments of your customers.

Moreover, your data might be stored in your CRM, Help Desk, billing system et al, and thus must be able to be imported into your customer feedback software as custom fields. In short, you must be able to segment your customer base based on various parameters and thus be able to obtain exhaustive reports and detailed insights into customer behaviour and trends with just certain segments as the basis.


7. Scheduling of surveys and survey throttle

As stated earlier, there must be a time duration or gap during which only you must send NPS surveys to your customers ensuring no customer is under or over surveyed. So keeping that in mind, your NPS software must have the ability to schedule your surveys and send them at the best possible time for effective reach and maximum response rate as per their time zone also called a smart survey or survey timewarp.

In addition to that, you must also be able to activate other scheduling paradigms like;

  • Recurring surveys: Sending repeating surveys to customers after a definite period of time.

  • Resend: Sending the same survey to someone who either didn’t open the last survey of if opened, did not respond to it.

  • Daily survey limit: A limit on sending a certain number of surveys to you per day.

  • Survey throttle: Ensuring the same person is not over-surveyed if the person is present in multiple campaigns.


So, these were some of the most wanted yet desirable features that you could ask for in your Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey software. Choose the one which fits your business’ budget, best suits your needs and expectations and also fulfills those demands you are willing to get done.


There are lots of software available in the market, but we have helped you listing some features which you could, or we must say should look out for in the software you are buying. There are possibilities that you might want something else also as no list can comprehend a person’s thoughts or demands but a close-to-the-expectation list can be prepared.


We are now at the end of the blog and hope you had a gala time reading it. Keep reading for freshly brewed content and upcoming blogs of the same genre dealing with customer feedback and a lot more related content.