Overview of the 30 Outstanding Customer Feedback Tools

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Customer feedback is one of the major aspects to enhance the growth of any business. Customers are the hardcore of any brand or company and through which the diverse range of brands or companies can come in the center of attraction and will convince others to go for these brands. For all the brands or companies whose prime concern is the customers then they are one step closer to achieving success.

When it comes to using the myriad customer feedback tools for your company choosing the right tool for your business or a company can be a little tricky for the digital teams. But you need not worry we have over 30 leading customer feedback tools that ensure you to choose the one among varieties of customer feedback tools that suits the best for your company or your business.


For your convenience, we have categorized the different customer feedback tools in one article. Let’s have a look at these feedback tools

  • Voice of the customer tools

  • Survey tools

  • Online review tools

  • User testing tools

  • Visual feedback tools

  • Community feedback tools


 Voice of the customer tools


Voice of the customer tools has gained immense popularity among online companies. It has become much more convenient for people to experience feedback tools easily. They can communicate with any company while leaving feedback within a second. It is the best user-friendly tool that is reliable and is very effective for the people. Let’s take a look at customer tools.


  • FellaFeeds – An online customer feedback app that makes sure about its customers to leave feedback on their app within a second. It is very simple to use and saves time and money. In the world of digital media, the Fella Feeds has created a huge difference behind collecting the feedback through pen and paper method.


  • Clarabridge – It is one of the leading online customer feedback tools which collects the data from the various feedback sources. It makes much easier for the users to optimize their website. It comprises of several tools under it like text analytics, sentiment analysis, linguistic categorization, and emotion detection.


  • Qualtrics – It is an experience management platform that offers data collection methods like website/feedback, email surveys, and social feedback. The users can ask any questions based on the brand or a company that they have chosen and they will get the answer immediately.


  • Feedbackify – It allows users to create feedback forms easily. The installation process is also very easy. All you need is to copy and paste the code which they provide it on the website and then you are ready to go.


  • Kampyle – It is a customer feedback tool to quickly create feedback forms. Once all the forms are created and settled in one place you can easily track the visitors' reach to different parts of the website. Kampyle was acquired by Medallia in October 2016.


  • Opinionlab – It is also one of the well-known voices of customer tools and customer feedback tools. It was launched with a purpose to get the website feedback but now it has a much broader experience and reaches among the users. 


Survey Tools


It is one of the most important and effective tools to collect feedback through survey tools. Here is the list of varieties of survey tools.


  • Typeform -  The motto of Typeform is to “Try to make forms awesome”. It is one of those feedback tools which collects the feedback from the customers through online surveys. It has several free features that include unlimited questions and answers, data export, custom-designed themes or choose from templates and basic reporting.


  • Survicate -  While using Survicate you can organize the surveys at different locations on your website or you can also send out the questionnaires via email to different customers.


  • Survey Monkey -  It is one of the reputed survey tools which is widely used by millions of businesses across the world.


  • Survey Gizmo– It is a customer feedback tool and is very much similar to Survey Monkey. But it is more attractive while looking at its survey tools.


  • PollDaddy, now Crowdsignal – With this customer feedback tool, the users can send the surveys in two different ways: inviting respondents via email or by embedding surveys on the website.


Online Review Tools


Online Review Tools are a great source for building up trust among the visitors online. It is used quite frequently by digital marketers and has a positive effect on Google rankings. 


  • Trust Pilot – It is an online review tool and also a review software used by many businesses to build up the trust with the customers. While using this customer feedback tool, the users can upload their mailing lists into the tool and send out an email inviting customers to review them.


  • Kiyoh – Kiyoh is a customer feedback tool that offers competitive prices and features and is similar to the trust pilot. It focuses on rating and reviews and gives notifications of any good and bad reviews through this tool.


  • Feefo -  It works similar to the trust pilot and ensures to provide the emails to invite the customers so that they can review. You can display these reviews by customizing on your website with the following options: rating percentage display, text display, and star rating display.


  • Reevoo – It is one of the high-end customer feedback tools which offer assessments at a product level. This software runs on-site on product pages in order to show several reviews at the product level. 


  • Bazaarvoice -  Bazaarvoice enables businesses to collect feedback from their customers. It collects and publishes ratings and reviews, videos and photos of customer experiences with the products and also allows them to ask questions.


User Testing Tools 


User Testing Tools intensifies all kinds of user interaction whether it would be your company, products or services. For some businesses, it is relevant to have a good user experience and it can be achieved only when making use of user testing tools.


  • Hotjar -  With this software users can create heatmaps, user recordings, customizable surveys, and feedback polls.


  • Mouseflow –  Mouseflow is one of the most useful user testing tools and which also uses heatmaps and visitor recordings on the website. One of the features which is used is Form analytics which enables users to see why visitors abandon forms online.


  • Freshmarketer -  It is the customer feedback tool that offers a wide variety of UX services which includes heatmaps, A/B testing, funnels analysis, etc.


  • Crazyegg – It is another customer feedback tool that uses heatmaps to analyze visitor behaviour.  It focuses on where visitors are clicking and if they scroll to the end of a webpage and lets you know what they are looking at, implementation is very simple with this tool.


  • Fullstory – Fullstory offers a diverse range of services including session playback and funnel analytics. Apart from this, it also has a very interesting feature called “Omnisearch” which allows you to search for any element on your website and see what kinds of interactions have taken place with that element. Another feature which it has is “rage clicks” which enables users to see which elements visitors are clicking on multiple times.


Visual Feedback Tools


Visual Feedback Tools are one of the most effective tools which have the options to capture a screenshot and on the other hand, it has virtual sticky notes that highlight certain elements on the page such as text, images or buttons.


  • Usersnap – It is one of the most popular feedback tool used for collecting visual feedback. It is run via a JavaScript tag on your website. Users can take notes or add comments and highlight certain elements with a circle. 


  • De-Bug Me – Another visual feedback tool is De-Bug Me. It comprises of tracking tool and project management solution. For reporting issues, the tool includes a feedback toolbar that allows the users to comment on the page.


  • Verify App, now Helio – It has one of the fastest ways to collect and analyze user feedback on screens or mockups via design surveys.


  • Mopin.io – It does not require any installation and is a free visual feedback tool that enables the users to conduct user testing on new landing pages as well as website designs.


  • Saber – It is very similar to User Snap-in which users can highlight issues on the website.  The main difference which it has is that the notes you take in this customer feedback tool are based more on highlighted elements and not using drawings or arrows. All notes created are saved a screenshot which can be sent to you by email.

Community Feedback 


It is a type of customer feedback tool that is collected via your website or mobile app and published either in your community or on a public forum.


  • User Report – It is a visitor opinion platform in which users create customizable online surveys as well as provide feedback forums for their website visitors.


  • Idea Scale – It is another customer feedback tool with which you can create a community of feedback and discussions among website visitors.


  • Get Satisfaction – It is a customer feedback tool used by those looking to provide their customers with a more social experience. 


  •  User Echo – User Echo is a software solution that offers a number of different tools including feedback, knowledge base, forum, helpdesk, and live chat.


  • Use Response – This customer feedback tool provides you with a version that you can host yourself using open source code.


We hope that this insight of customer feedback tools has given you a brief analysis of what are customer feedback tools and its types.

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