Part-1: 5 Important Questions to be Included in a Guest Feedback App for Better Customer Engagement and Business Knowledge

RAVI BILOCHI | 2020-01-15 10:30:00+00:00

Welcome back, readers!


We have again come up with a series of blogs but something different this time. It is about various crucial questions that you can and must include in your feedback apps of various sectors. I hope you like them and include some in yours too.


Guest experience in the hospitality sector is of utmost importance for a contented experience and fulfilling trips/visits. This is where the customer or guest feedback app comes into play. Guest feedback can provide you with an esteemed outline of taking decisions and building services and/or policies that could make guests enjoy their visit to the fullest.


It is obvious that you as a manager or executive must be willing to ask a huge number of questions regarding your services and management to get deeper insights into what they think about you, what they wish to explore more, their needs and requirements, what they have to say about your services and what not. But again it is not possible to do so. You can’t make your guests answer a lot of questions. There has to be a certain definite number of questions that could help you in deducing a greater degree of knowledge, with few questions to be included. Thus, it is important that you sit back, explore and ponder over the facts you want to disclose and the essentials you want to gather.


But don’t worry too much if you don’t have enough time to do so and want a quick solution! We, the team of FellaFeeds, have come up with 5 utmost important questions that you must include in your guest feedback app form/survey in order to ask more but in short and crisp form.


Let’s see what these questions are:


1. Include rating question

Giving a rating to services is much easier than writing feedback, even if it is digital.

You can include a multi-row rating question in your guest feedback app’s form/survey which could have all the services about which you wish to know from them like ambience, food, room quality, staff, etc. This is less time consuming and also interesting to inculcate. Moreover, this will help you in giving a better idea about guests’ attitudes and gratification towards specific services being offered.


2. Must have NPS question

As in one of our earlier blogs on Net Promoter Score (NPS), we had discussed what Net Promoter Score is with tits and bits about it and also another blog on how to go for the best NPS software for your business, we studied a lot about this term and thus know its relevance and importance in guest feedback app.

Thus, it becomes a major concern of the inclusion of this NPS question in your form. It will let you know the level of satisfaction of your guests with your brand and how likely they are to recommend you to others. 

You can also have a follow-up question with the NPS question, similar to the one like “What’s the main reason behind the score you gave?”.

And also an open-ended question like “Any suggestions for us?” too to get quality customer feedback, share the brand’s invoice and get more information. Act on these questions actively to raise customer loyalty with your brand and also to provide an astronomical experience.  


3. Probable open-ended or comments question

Sometimes it’s not possible to gather all of the possible information from rating and NPS questions in your guest feedback app. As is the saying, “A word after a word after a word is power”, words prove to be really powerful and that too when it comes to feedbacks. 

Open-ended questions bring out the quality of feedback which is required to give clear ideas on how to tackle any problem and also lets your guests let their hearts out by writing, in case they didn’t encounter anything of worth in the whole survey. Thus, it proves to be a super relevant yet interesting and intriguing question on part of your guests and you too.

Multiple-choice questions, radio buttons, and other close-ended questions are much more appealing to the eyes and brain for giving and taking feedbacks, but don’t forget to add an open-ended question at the end too.


4. Quantify customer satisfaction with CSAT question 

Besides Net Promoter Score (NPS), there is one more question to be included in your guest feedback app survey and that is CSAT question i.e. Customer Satisfaction question. 

It is aimed to provide some really good quantitative data that is easy to manipulate and can be used to identify any trends and viable solutions. Unlike NPS, you can use the CSAT survey for comparison between your hotel’s scores and your competitors throughout the hospitality industry. This will help you improve upon the guest experience.

But what does the CSAT question look like?

It asks the guest a simple question, “How much would you rate your overall satisfaction level with that of the service(s) you received?”

Then guests can rate their experience on a scale of 1-5 with various numbers having different meaning:

1- Very unsatisfied

2- Unsatisfied

3- Neutral

4- Satisfied

5- Very satisfied


5. Lastly, some Personal Details

Last but not least, do ask your customers for some of their personal details including name, contact information, email address et al as per your requirement. This will help you create a database of your customers and provide them unthinkable services on their next visit. This will also help you ease the process of follow up the next time.    


So yeah! We have come at the end again like every time and it’s hard to take a leave from all of you. But I can’t do anything because it is important to take a leave from here to meet you again next time.

If you think that there can be some more questions besides these which must be included in the guest feedback app survey, then do write in the comments section below! Maybe we missed out on something, we are humans after all (winks)!