What distinguishes Digital Feedback from Age Old Pen Paper Feedback Forms?

RAVI BILOCHI | 2020-01-06 09:30:00+00:00


Customer feedbacks have always been a determining factor in the growth of a business and also in enhancing their overall experience along with giving an idea as to how certain things can be improved in terms of quality, ambience, etc. and how the staff can be trained for improving customer experience and establishing benchmarks. But what we need to know is that pen-paper feedbacks have become a passé. Now the time is of digital feedbacks, that is, feedbacks over tablets.


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While collecting feedbacks, store owners and/or managers must take into account the fact that taking only feedbacks is not important, analytics and reporting to need to be done to extract useful information and generate exhaustive reports. The two most common yet widely used sources for collecting customer feedbacks are pen paper and tablets.


Let’s see what advantages do digital feedbacks offer over pen and paper feedbacks:


1. Novelty

Let’s digest this fact that pen-paper feedbacks have become outdated with very less or no businesses going for them. Presenting new and glassy tablet to your customers for collecting feedbacks will just not capture their attention, but will also make them feel that their opinions really matter (of course due to the fact that there aren’t any pens and papers, instead a shiny tablet) and thus they’ll be much more encouraged and willing to voice their opinions and enthusiastic enough to give feedbacks letting you collect more feedbacks. This would not only help you generate quality feedbacks but also a huge number too.


2. Reporting

The art of generating detailed reports digitally of all the feedbacks collected over tablet will provide managers an added advantage of going through all the feedbacks in one glance and also developing pictorial representation like graphs and charts making it easy to understand the overall data being extracted from feedbacks after applying analytics.

These reports can be delivered via mail or something daily, weekly and/or monthly. This is far better than keeping feedbacks on paper and analyzing information from them manually.


3. Continuity of Reports  

Immense efforts are put in carrying forward pen paper-based reports from one year/month to the next as it is quite tedious and energy-consuming. But with digital feedbacks, it becomes extremely easy as everything happens automatically.

As new feedbacks get entered, data is updated automatically and reports upgraded. This happens from the time of starting of your business or we can say from the time when you had actually employed a customer feedback app or software.


4. Maintenance Ease 

Digital feedbacks are easy to maintain over pen paper-based feedbacks because there aren’t any papers you have to handle and a hell lot of modifications can be performed which isn’t possible in case of pen-paper feedbacks. Moreover, digital feedbacks are temporary in the sense that they are modifiable while pen-paper ones are permanent in the sense that they are non-modifiable.  


5. Quick Alerts

In the case of pen paper-based feedbacks, you don’t get alerts/notifications on negative feedbacks or low ratings. But the digital feedback management system helps you get these alerts whenever that happens and thus saves you from landing in an awkward situation wherein you are not able to resort to your customer’s issues which leads to them bad-mouthing about your brand and/or business. 


6. Security of data

The most important thing that you as a store owner or manager must be looking for is the security of your data as you don’t want any outsider or even your complete staff to have access to your company’s confidential data. It cannot happen with pen paper feedbacks as things are vulnerable but is easy to implement with the digital feedback system as only authenticated people have the right to access data and manipulate it (if required).

Security is highly guaranteed with only a digital system and not the other way out.


7. Multi-location

It’s hard to even maintain data of a single outlet, forget about outlets spread over multiple locations. Keeping in mind the level of complexity and efforts in the pen-paper feedback system, digital feedbacks comes to rescue as with a single dashboard and one screen, you can keep an eye on all the branches and know what all is going on. This offers flexibility and also saves a lot of time.

Just think how life would be when you have all your outlets’ information just a click away and you don’t need added man force to help you with the basic yet crucial work of getting feedbacks!


8. Performance

When customers know that they would be rated based on their politeness and speed, then they would put in efforts to give feedback. Moreover, as the customer feedback software would let customers get incentives and/or loyalty points, they would give more feedbacks and thus you’ll have loads of data to analyze improving upon performance.


9. Ambience

Having a tablet for feedbacks not only tells a lot about your company but also conveys a sense of modernity because it is dynamic and changes with time. This thus helps in boosting the morale of the employees and puts up your brand at a higher position than those who use pen and paper feedbacks.


10. Easy access to reports

The best part about digital feedbacks is that they are stored on a cloud server and can be accessed from anywhere with any device having a web browser. You can even access them on the way with the utmost ease and flexibility.


So here we are at the end of the blog with almost all the benefits of a digital feedback system for customer feedback over pen paper-based feedback. 


As today’s time is all about being digital, so should be your feedback system. Get over everything that prohibits you from moving ahead, both in success and century (winks). 


Thank you for giving a read and do let us know if you think there are some benefits that haven’t been included by us. We would love to hear from you all!