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Online student feedback system is the web based feedback collecting system from the students and provides the automatic generation of feedback which is given by students. 

Getting student feedback can serve several uses: you can learn about your students’ understanding of the course material, get insight on which teaching methods are effective and which are not, and empower students with a voice by assuring them that their opinions are heard and acted upon. Thus, it is essential to make student feedback software a vital part of classroom time and group work. There are numerous classroom programs available for capturing feedback.

How the online feedback system varies from the paper feedback system ?

FellaFeeds has developed a student feedback system to provide feedback in a quick and easy manner to the particular department. Thus, named as student’s feedback system which delivers via the student staff interface as an online system which acts as a service provider. By using this technology we can give feedback in an online system as fast as compared to the existing paper feedback system. The existing system carries more time to do a piece of work for this reason the online system feedback is implemented. Students will fill online feedback using a standard form. In this project security is also maintained, that is the result of feedback is only visible to authentic users.

Customer Feedback Management Tool to Generate Leads for Automobile Sector by FellaFeeds

Students have more choice than ever before and their expectations are increasing. Use real-time feedback to find out what matters to them, to monitor their well-being and to discover and address their concerns.

Improve student experience and you’ll enhance your reputation, improve your league ranking and attract the next generation of learners with - 

Digital Feedback Forms

Student Feedback App has replaced the age-old way of collecting feedback using pen and paper with these customizable and user-friendly digital feedback forms for quick and hassle-free reviews.

Analysis of Teacher/School

Evaluate the performance of your teachers and professors based on students’ constructive feedback. It will help to improve the syllabus and their teaching methodologies.

Comprehensive Report

Get access to the smart and user-friendly dashboard that provides a detailed report on real-time student feedback which provides a sense of overall functioning of the educational institute.

Negative Feedback Alerts

Our in-app system alerts you with a message on your phone whenever a student gives negative feedback so that you can act upon issues faster and resolve them optimally.

The feedbacks could be collected through the following mediums -


iOS & Android Survey App

FellaFeeds is available on the Google Play Store and App Store to collect customer feedback on Android devices and iOS devices.

Email Survey

Create an intriguing and appealing survey and email it to the customers through the dashboard or send via APIs.

Online Survey

Embed surveys on the website to collect feedback from visitors while they are browsing different pages.


Turn your device into kiosks to automate the process of feedback collection and set it up at places with high footfall.

Hand it over

Hand over feedback devices to customers at check out counters to capture customer feedback.

SMS Survey

Create short and simple messages and send them to customers with survey links.

Education Feedback Software for Schools, Colleges, Teachers & Students could prove beneficial in quite a few ways -

  •  A quality student feedback solution enables schools and colleges to capture feedback in an efficient, consistent, and scalable manner across all units and departments. 

  • Your institution can bid goodbye to paper processes and upgrade to an online system to streamline the data gathering and assessment process. 

  • Students are thus encouraged to provide in-depth, thoughtful feedback instead of arbitrary ratings and answers. 

  • Further, your school or college can use the feedback program to establish consistent policies for feedback and analysis to improve performance across the board.

  • Monitoring student well-being and directing struggling students towards helpful resources.

  • Tracking the performance of commercial services across campus.

  • Capturing opinions on the effectiveness of student support services to ensure students avail support they deserve.

  • Receiving indicators for national student surveys before the academic year finishes.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    The Student Feedback system provides a foundation for the schools, colleges, coaching centres & all other educational institutes to conduct students’ feedback online. Student’s can give feedback on Android or iOS devices using a standard designed form. The concerned authority is instantly notified of issues in real-time and it is a great system to find feedback analysis according to the requirements.