5 Amazing Ways for Restaurants to get Feedback via Restaurant Feedback App

RAVI BILOCHI | 2020-01-16 11:30:00+00:00

Every now and then you must be hearing about keeping customers happy, why to keep them happy and why customer feedback plays an important role in doing so with the help of an exhaustive restaurant feedback app!


But the million-dollar question is,

How customer feedback plays an important role in reviewing Restaurants and Cafes, and how can technology help to do so?


Keeping your customers happy is of utmost importance, and asking this to any restaurant owner and/or executive would result in a big YES. But how does one ensure the same by just sitting and seeing things work? Maybe feedback from customers would work? Not sure?


Be sure about this because feedback given by your customers helps you draw out a great deal of information about how your restaurant works, whether it is up to the mark and as per the standards laid by your competitors, how satisfied they are with your services and staff and what not. But for this, you need to employ multiple channels as more the number of channels, more are the chances of honest results and granularity of details.


So how the heck can you use technology for your best? 

There are numerous channels by which you can take feedback and the level of details you get varies from channel to channel due to certain limitations imposed and other factors. Without further adieu, let’s explore:


1. Face to Face Feedback Mechanism 

First and foremost, a way of taking feedback is when the person is physically present there because it is the time when you can get the maximum out of their sayings and words. The time your customer gets seated, waiters become the face of the restaurant and are the ones dealing with them. They must be trained well enough to take feedback via a restaurant feedback app or an online questionnaire by leveraging minutest to the minute details. Though your loyal customers might be generous enough to give you as much as they can, it is up to the waiters also to insist them a bit. Maybe during their dining or after one about the meal or services. 

Some incentives for their next visit might also work well like a free dessert or one-on-one offer.


2. Social Media Platforms

In today’s social media savvy world, social media platforms prove to be really effective in taking customer feedback along with a restaurant feedback app. It is possible that your restaurant feedback app might do the same for you!

Let your customers know about your social media presence in the form of pages, on which they can leave reviews and give ratings and on the response of which they get something which assures them that their feedback is being heard and that it values you as a business. But your timely response is something that matters the most in this whole process. Whether the response is positive or negative, give a hospitable response. If you think that you want to go for free social media marketing, then do contact FellaFeeds and be a part of the change (winks).


3. Restaurant’s own Feedback Forms

A restaurant feedback app might work wonders for you, but having a form on your website proves to be highly reliable and efficient. It gives them a direct way to leave feedback and also helps them understand the working and usability of the website too. Just enter a feedback box on your website and you’re done!

P.S. Place it at such a place that is easily visible to customers and doesn’t disrupt the overall user experience.



4. Tablet-based Feedback System

Though mobile-based EPOS systems are gaining huge popularity, having something on a tablet is much more fun and intriguing. You can employ kiosks at the exit or even while making payments for a fuss-free feedback system. Even the use of incentives for giving and completing feedbacks will be like rewarding them for their efforts, the value their feedback bears and also their say in the cycle of business and customer relationship.

P.S. But do ensure that kiosks are installed at locations that grabs their attention with maybe some decoration around it for greater appeal.


5. Online Customers’ Feedback System

Restaurants offering online food ordering services can take huge advantage from online portals too besides employing restaurant feedback app within restaurant premises for customer feedback. Once the transaction has been made or the customer has picked up or food delivered, mail or SMS containing survey link can be sent. This is easy, handy and works best for takeaway restaurants if all exchanges between the two parties take place either on the phone or online.


And here we are at the end with some amazing 5 ways to collect feedback along or within the restaurant feedback app.