5 (Probable) Must have Apps for Restaurant Managers and Owners to keep up with Daily Routine Tasks!

RAVI BILOCHI | 2020-01-17 04:30:00+00:00

Being the owner and/or manager of a restaurant is not an easy task, you have to be on your toes every moment and keep up with the pace of working and handling things at your outlet. And for that, you need to have tools handy with you, most probably in your smartphone itself.



One such handy tool is FellaFeeds. It helps you take customer feedbacks digitally with data mining and analytics implemented at the backend for mining knowledge from those feedbacks, along with other services to offer you as a restaurateur. For efficient working, you need to adopt a method for collecting feedbacks in a hassle-free paradigm with exhaustive reports of feedback and staff analysis, alongside negative feedback alerts, promotional SMSs and emails, location comparison (in case of franchises), social media marketing and loyalty cum referral programs. FellaFeeds comes as a wholesome product to nurture every restaurant manager and/or executive’s needs and requirements with tablet kiosk, android, iOS, and web app, email and SMS. It is not only about taking feedbacks, but also managing them and extracting worthy information for your growth and flourishing of business. Wanna try and give it a shot? Contact here and ask for a demo!



Besides these, we have compiled a list of some other useful apps which you might keep with you for some real in-hand assistance in no definite order of preference. 


So let’s roll and have a look at 5 such apps:


1. Organize your notes with Evernote

This android, iOS, iPod and iPad touch plus web app enables you to jot down all your ideas and thoughts at one place to explore anywhere and at any time with ease of sharing in all possible formats like PDFs, voice notes, to-do-lists, etc. Keep this in the loop with all your team members starting from brainstorming to the end of the project. Be more productive and organized as a restaurateur.


2. Manage all social media accounts with HootSuite

Being a restaurateur, you must be having an account on various social media platforms and managing them differently might be a tough job. So Hootsuite, an android, iOS, iPod and iPad touch plus web app, is to your rescue with the facility of letting you manage all your social media handles from one place. Whether it be scheduling posts for marketing, reviewing analytics, running contests and campaigns and what not with just permissions to employees like that of administrator, editor, etc. among other things.


3. Manage hectic shifts with 7shifts

Having a huge staff is common with any restaurant and managing multiple shifts of all is also common, but this app allows you to manage your employees’ schedules and their labor costs with just drag and drop into shifts based on their availability and requirement of shifts. By doing so, they receive notifications about their shifts. Moreover, you can decline or accept their requests with a click. Along with android, iOS, iPod and web app, 7shifts can also be integrated into your POS.


4. Manage inventory with BlueCart

Having issues in managing inventory? Is it really a hard task to check items in inventory, return damaged or destroyed products and keep up with the other inventory issues? Then BlueCart is to your rescue. It will not only help you with the above stated and many more problems related to inventory but will also help in reducing food wastage by about 50% with its android, iOS, iPod and web app.


5. Stay updated with industry trends with Feedly

Keep yourself updated with all the latest trends and facets going on with Feedly. Choose blogs and publications as per your choice, set keyword alerts and what not for everything to help you stay up to date. With its simple and chic design for android, iOS, iPod and web app, it makes it easier for the viewers to read the content; thus fulfilling the ultimate motto.


So here we are at the end with some of the many apps that you as a restaurant manager and/or executive can have in your palm to work with a click. 


If you know any other besides these, then do comment below as we’ll love to hear it from you!