Customer Feedback Forms, Templates and Survey Samples: What all you need to know, their usefulness and some amazing samples!

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“A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.”

                                                                             - Michael Lebouef


Customer feedback is something which drives business to greater heights, making customers feel that they are being heard and thus, improving upon the quality of one’s products and/or services. Loyal customers are one of the biggest assets and vocalists about business and thus, must be heard. To cater to their needs, likes and dislikes, expectations and what not, customer feedback surveys come into the picture. Customer feedback forms help to obtain the maximum possible information from customers regarding services, ambience and environment among other parameters.


Customer feedback forms have always helped businesses get to know their customers more and know what they are thinking about them. Feedbacks help in adjusting products and/or services as per the customers and also help other people know more in the time of social media. The era of pen and paper feedbacks has been overpowered by digital feedbacks which not only makes the whole procedure of giving and taking feedbacks hasslefree but also modern yet more informative. 


FellaFeeds, a customer retention software provides a digital customer feedback platform that collects, tracks, stores, sorts and analyses customer feedback to help grow business. High-end analytics going behind the feedbacks helps in generating exhaustive reports giving detailed information about what they actually mean in terms of improvements and expectations.


Before much ado, let’s get head to some of the various fields where customer feedback forms can prove to be really beneficial and where they can actually be put to use for better product development and improved services. Along with that, we’ll also help you with some of the questions that you can include in your customer feedback forms for better insights. 


Note: Though we would be giving you multiple questions with every field, it is advisable to use only 3-4 or maximum 5 questions because none of your customers would be much interested in answering 7-8 questions due to time inconsistency 


So, let’s get ahead now:


1. Restaurants and Cafes

Restaurants and cafes prove to benefit a lot from customer feedback software. It is because feedbacks from customers help in understanding that who all will be returning and also what did they not like, thus avoiding spreading of negative reviews outside the premises of the outlet. Moreover, feedbacks from customers help you in understanding your competitors as to where you are lagging behind and what all can be improved in your staff, food and ambience to name among others.

Some of the few parameters upon which restaurants and cafes are mostly judged upon include:

  • Ambience

  • Quality of food

  • Staff behaviour

  • Seating arrangement

  • Menu

  • Decor and lighting etc.

So, as the owner of the outlet, you need to get insights of at least the above-stated parameters if not others. And the best possible questions that you can include in your feedback forms are:

Q1. How did you find the ambience, setting and aura of the restaurant/cafe?

Q2. How would you say the reception was at the restaurant/cafe?

Q3. How did you find the attitude of the employees?

Q4. How did you find the service, food and presentation at the restaurant/cafe?

Q5. What did you feel made it stand out from the others that you have been to?

Q6. How was the quality of food and variety on the menu?

Q7. How were the decor and lighting in sync with the theme of the cafe?


You can have more as per your feasibility, but don’t forget to include those which really help you in extracting something crucial to your business.


2. Spas and Salons

Spas and salons (beauty and hair) have gained greater popularity in the past few years due to the level of relaxation people get there, besides detoxing themselves, getting more healthier there and also getting more tips on hair and beauty care.

Thus, it has become necessary to get customer feedback here also as the industry is growing really fast. Feedbacks will not only help in introducing more new services but also how to improve upon existing one and you never know when a customer could bring you an idea which could prove to be a complete game-changer.

Some of the services which make any spa and/or salon stand out are:

  • Quality of services

  • Quality of service providers like massage therapists, hairdressers, etc.

  • Ambience 

  • Number of services provided as maximum the services provided, more are the chances of people visiting

  • Activities engaging people at spas etc.

So, here are some of the questions you can have in your customer feedback surveys for spas and salons:

Q1. How well were you greeted at your welcome?

Q2. How do you rate the consultation by the therapist (if any)? Or How do you rate the services by the massage therapist?

Q3. How long did you have to wait for the services to start?

  1. Less than 5 minutes

  2. Less than 15

  3. More than 20

  4. Did not get attended

Q4. How satisfied are you with the overall therapy?

Q5. How friendly the staff was?

Q6. How do you rate us on the ambience/hygiene of the salon?

Q7. Value for money?


3. Hotels

None of us is unaware of the growth of the hotel business and thus the growing competition. In order to stand out of the crowd, it is really important to outshine your competitors and be the best in what you provide.

When a guest stays at a hotel, there are certain things which are highly looked upon and also lead to one person’s recommendation to the other. At that time, you can due to the advantage of guest feedback software in helping you know your guests better.

Some possible things to ask your guests out are:

  • Attitude and behaviour of staff

  • Overall aura 

  • Restaurant area like seating, lighting, decor, menu and quality of food

  • Extra services like swimming pool, gaming area, gym, spa and/salon, greenery among others

  • Cleanliness

  • Housekeeping and other room services

  • Laundry etc.

Q1. How quick were check-in and check-out processes?

Q2. How polite, friendly and trained were the hotel staff members?

Q3. How clean was your room upon arrival?

Q4. How was your experience at the gym, spa and/or salon, restaurant if any?

Q5. How likely are you to recommend us to others?

Q6. How pleased are you with the food at our hotel?

Q7. Were your requests being heard on time during your stay?

The questions can change if for any professional meets or sessions, personal gatherings like birthday parties or even marriages.


4. Healthcare Centres, Hospitals and Clinics

This is one of the least explored and un-catered to section when comes to taking feedbacks via customer feedback app. Most of the time people are least bothered in taking feedbacks for the services in hospitals, clinics and other healthcare centres. But like other fields, it too needs to be addressed by patients visiting and people visiting patients.

Some factors which greatly determine the growth of a hospital, clinic or healthcare centre are:

  • Quality of services by nurses, doctors and other staff

  • Quality of equipment

  • Environment

  • Hygiene

  • Comfortability of people visiting patients

  • Enough beds and rooms for emergency patients

  • Extra services like treatment of cancer, surgeries by robots etc.

  • Food (if provided)

While designing a template for the survey of patients, it must be made clear as to what all you really need to know from them and possible improvements if any. Let’s have a look at some of the possible questions that you might ask:

Q1. How was the level of hygiene and cleanliness in and around the premises?

Q2. How smooth was the whole process of allotment of room for you as a patient and comfortability with it?

Q3. How well were you treated upon by the doctors, nurses and other staff?

Q4. How was the quality of food being served to you as a patient?

Q5. How well on time were your reports and medicines being delivered to you?

Q6. How clear were you with the paperwork being done?

Q7. How well aware and informed were you being kept by people serving you?

Q8. How was the waiting area for people visiting patients?

And a lot more to count but major aspects being covered above. Ensure a higher level of satisfaction and agreement from patients visiting you and their visitors.


5. Retail Stores, Supermarkets, Malls and Shops

As humans, a lot of us love shopping. That’s why we all aspire for a great shopping experience, whether it be buying grocery or clothes, footwear or jewellery, we want everything to fall in place.

But sometimes it does happen that despite being a huge retail store, you don’t get enough customers and even a small store is jam-packed. It all depends on a shopper’s experience and your services as a supermarket, shop, retail store or mall owner. Some of the things which you can include while designing a customer feedback survey form are:

  • Quality of product

  • Attitude and behaviour of staff

  • Availability of products

  • Ease in billing

  • Quality of products

  • Variety in products etc.

And now, some of the questions for your customer feedback form customizable to your needs and requirements are:

Q1. Were the staff friendly and cooperative?

Q2. How satisfied are you with the store’s return policy?

Q3. Were your transactions smooth and quick?

Q4. How well did the quality of products suited your needs and expectations?

Q5. How much would you rate your overall shopping environment?

Q6. What all the merchandise you wish to see the next time you visit our store?

Q7. Were all the shelf items in stock or you faced difficulty while picking something of your choice? 

These are some of the customizable questions you can have in your survey for better customer retention and behaviour knowledge!


6. Automobile

Last but not least, the most loved section is that of automobiles. Being one of the most reputable sectors after healthcare, automobile sector too requires customer feedback on the services and offers!

A customer feedback app for this sector helps quite a lot in improving facilities, services and train staff better. A major emphasis in this sector is on services provided, attitude of staff, aura of the showroom and offers and/or discounts if any!

Let’s end the whole discussion of feedbacks and customer feedback form with this last section:

Q1. How well was the paperwork being explained to you?

Q2. How acknowledging and friendly was the staff?

Q3. How convenient were the service hours to you as a customer?

Q4. How was the overall ambience of the showroom?

Q5. How well were you catered to on arrival?

And if the customer/client is visiting you for any service regarding repair work or replacement of any part, then you can include questions on the quality of service offered, time is taken to repair, how well the customer’s problems being catered to among others.


P.S. Don’t forget to include one mandatory question in your customer feedback form, and that is “How likely it is that you would recommend [brand] to your friend or colleague?” 

Want to know why? Then read our next blog on Net Promoter Score i.e. NPS, a customer-experience centric metric and you might get an idea as to why we said this


And here we are, in the end!

The whole process of taking feedback, applying analytics to get useful and worthwhile information and then working upon that data might seem a cumbersome process but for FellaFeeds, survey matters and so is your every single customer. 

We work 24*7 in bringing a revolution with our digital feedback system and making it modernised yet hassle-free on your part as the owner. 

Be a part of the change and see things growing!

Happy reading!