Customer Feedback App for Hotels and Resorts

Boost your business and customer base employing a Customer Feedback App for restaurants, cafes, takeaway and delivery outlets for gaining detailed insights into the overall experience of the customer and employee performance in a minute.

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Why do you need
a Customer
Feedback App
for hotels?

Bid Farewell to Boring
Feedback Forms

Guest Feedback App has replaced the age-old way of collecting feedback using pen and paper with these customizable and user-friendly digital feedback forms for quick and hassle-free reviews.

Integrated Customer Referral and Loyalty Program

The guest receives rewards and offers that they can avail with the points they have earned through referrals or repeated visits which further helps to retain them and boost business.

Remarket your Store

Customize your promotional SMS to market your store to the active and potential customer base to retain their attention and interest.

Analyze employee performance

Evaluate the performance of your staff on the basis of the guest feedback they have received for their service which helps to improve the efficiency of your employees. This helps to reward for the good services and alert against poor services.

Comprehensive Report

Get access to the smart and user-friendly dashboard that provides a detailed report on real-time customer feedback with daily customization option.

Negative Feedback Alert

Our in-app system alerts you with a message on your phone whenever a guest gives negative feedback so that you can act upon issues faster and resolve them optimally.

Multichannel Customer Feedback Software for Hotels

On-Premises Survey Software

iOS and Android Devices

Customer Survey can be collected via Kiosks, iPad & Android Tablets or Mobile Phone using the Customer Feedback App- FellaFeeds.

Hand it over

Hand over the tablet or phone to customers for feedback

Embed Surveys on Website

Embed customizable feedback forms on your website to garner feedback from customers to know your customer’s experience in your restaurant.

Integrate Surveys with Store App

Integrate the restaurant mobile app with FellaFeeds feedback system to give you insights into your user’s experience and provide Real-Time Analysis for decision making.

Feedback via Links

Gather customer feedback via links sent to the customer through SMS, Email or Print it on the bills generated.

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Real-Time Analytics and Exhaustive Reporting

In this digital and competitive era, it is crucial for your hotel that your guests stay happy and satisfied. For that their complaints should be heard and addressed as soon as possible. Thus, with FellaFeeds, real-time and in-depth analysis of guest feedback ensure a prompt and better understanding of your customers and their issues to further come up with effective solutions.

Enhance Customer Experience

Elevate your customers’ experience by capturing their feedback in a real-time environment and addressing their issues immediately for an ultimate customer satisfaction experience.

Staff Performance Analysis

Analyse the performance of your restaurant staff based on the feedback received from customers to either award them for their services or provide them with training to enhance their skills for more efficient service.

Generate Comparative Reports

Get hold of location and data comparative reports for comparing ratings across all the branches of your restaurant. Collect feedback from multiple locations and further filter data to evaluate feedback location-wise to know trends.

Get Summarized Reports via Mail

Stay updated with all customer feedbacks and complaints via daily, weekly or monthly reports. This helps you to understand your business and customers a whole lot better.

Multi-Feature Customer Feedback App for Amazing Customer Experience

Customer Loyalty and Referral Program

The guest receives rewards and offers for repeated visits that they can avail with the points they have earned through referrals. It helps you to retain and reward your customers for repeated purchases. The in-app referral program promotes the growth of the business and tracks who has visited your hotel after the referral.

Instant Alerts on Negative Feedback

Our in-app system alerts you everytime you receive negative feedback via real-time SMS or email for quick action. This would ensure timely action in case of any major mishappening too.

Social Media Marketing

Gain more customers through social media marketing on platforms like Facebook and Google. Choose from our 100+ Templates on Occasions and Festivals to add text and schedule your posts hassle-free.

Design Your Own Surveys

Get started with your choice of feedback forms and surveys with cool fonts, colours and customized questions to make them unique for your hotel.

Where Should you Setup the Guest Feedback App for its Optimum Use?

At the Reception

Setup Kiosks, iPad & Android Tablets at the reception to collect guest information. Hotel management can record guest details on the app to ease the check-in process.

In Conference Rooms and Banquets

Get instant alerts and notifications for any havoc and react upon them instantly by installing Kiosks, iPad & Android Tablets in conference rooms and banquets for real-time feedback. Act upon those feedbacks in no time.

In Rooms

The best way to record the feedback of your guests is while they are in their personal zone and have ample time to judge and give their feedback to your hotel and services. Install Kiosks, iPad & Android Tablets in rooms for this.

At Hotel Pool and Spa

Setup water protected and sanitized kiosks near the pool and spa to collect guest feedback about their experience in the pool and spa and further leave suggestions.

At Health Centres and Gyms

Every nook and corner of your hotel provides a beautiful experience to your guests, feedback for which is really crucial to your business. Capture them even at gyms and health centres for equipment being used, services and ambience.

In Restaurants

Don’t let your guests beat around the bush about your services and ambience before you know it first. Ask them for feedback via tablets or phones over food, services and ambience.