Customer Feedback App for Spas and Salons

Implement FellFeeds, the Customer Feedback App for your spa and salon to revolutionize the whole concept of taking feedback from clients. Our feedback system would take into account all possible facets of your business, enabling you to increase productivity, build a huge customer base, use minimal resources and work upon efficient time management.

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A comprehensive Customer Feedback System for Spas and Salons

Bid Farewell to Boring Feedback Forms

Customer Feedback App has replaced the age-old way of collecting feedback using pen and paper with these customizable and user-friendly digital feedback forms for quick and hassle-free reviews.

Integrated Customer Referral and Loyalty Program

The customer receives rewards and offers that they can avail with the points they have earned through referrals or repeated visits which further helps to retain them.

Remarket your Store

Customize your promotional SMS to market your store to the active and potential customer base to retain their attention and interest.

Salon Staff Analysis

Evaluate the performance of your staff on the basis of the customer feedback they have received for their service which helps to improve the efficiency of your employees. This helps to reward for the good services and alert against poor services.

Comprehensive Report

Get access to the smart and user-friendly dashboard that provides a detailed report on real-time customer feedback with daily customization option.

Negative Feedback Alert

Our in-app system alerts you with a message on your phone whenever a customer gives negative feedback so that you can act upon issues faster and resolve them optimally.

What do we've to offer you

In this digital and competitive era, it is crucial for your business that your customers stay happy and satisfied. For that their complaints should be heard and addressed as soon as possible.

Automated Customer Feedback

Digital feedback enables customers to give their valuable feedback instantly and lets you capture their experience in a much better way than old age paper and pen feedback forms.

Smooth Decision Making

Instant Feedback ensures improved decision making within the store premises or directing the issues to the head office, depending on the level of urgency and seriousness of the issue.

Completely Customizable

Create your own unique feedback forms to represent your brand among your customers. Create it on the dashboard and it will instantly update on the tablet.

Supports Tablet and Phone

Install the app in a tablet or phone and hand over the device to the customers for quick a feedback. This reduces the manual work and makes the process smooth.

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Why FellaFeeds Customer Feedback System
the Best Choice for you?

Capture Real-Time Customer Feedback

Observe what customers have to say about your spa or salon employing real-time feedback system which enables you to take quick action to address their issues without any delay.

Boost Customer Retention and Engagement Rate

Update your clients and engage your new customers by informing them about all the recent developments and events in your spa or salon with the help of our customer feedback software.

Design your Own Surveys

Get started with your unique and customizable feedback forms and surveys to cater to the requirements of your salon or spa. Customize fonts, colours and questions to make it unique for your brand.

Detailed Analytics of Feedback

Get daily, weekly or monthly analytics reports based on the reviews of the customers about your spa or salon and it’s services to assess and make improvements for the same.

Know Overriding Parameters

It is crucial to stay updated with critical issues that are affecting directly or indirectly your customers or clients.

Timely Negative Alerts

Our in-app system alerts you every time you receive negative feedback via real-time SMS or email for quick action. You can keep a track of how your spa or salon is doing from wherever you are.

Develop Personal Relations

Reach out to your customers personally to resolve their issues before they turn into detractors and rant about it on social media. Addressing their issues on a personal level will make them feel important to your business as a client.

Detailed Analytics of Feedback

Get daily, weekly or monthly analytics reports based on the reviews of the customers about your spa or salon and it’s services to assess and make improvements for the same.

Analyse Staff Performance

Analyse the staff’s performance based on the feedback to either award them for their services or provide training to enhance their skills for more efficient service. This would also drive the staff to aim for customer satisfaction.

Monitor Customer Loyalty

The customer will receive rewards and offers for repeated visits that they can avail from the points they have earned through referrals. It helps you to retain and reward your customers for repeat purchases and track who has visited.

Compare Progress

If you have a spa or salon at multiple locations, the feedback software will allow you to compare progress report across various locations to understand the growth of each store individually.

Comprehend Weak Points

Evaluating your customer feedback will give you an insight into the areas that need improvement to increase customer satisfaction and overall experience of your salon or spa.

Estimate Customer Satisfaction

Measure the level of content among your customers by evaluating their feedback and brainstorm ideas to add value to your spa or salon.

On-Premises Survey Software

iOS and Android Devices

Customer Survey can be collected via Kiosks, iPad & Android Tablets or Mobile Phone using the Customer Feedback App- FellaFeeds.

Hand it over

Hand over the tablet or phone to customers for feedback

Embed Surveys on Website

Embed customizable feedback forms on your website to garner feedback from customers to know your customer’s experience in your restaurant.

Integrate Surveys with Store App

Integrate the restaurant mobile app with FellaFeeds feedback system to give you insights into your user’s experience and provide Real-Time Analysis for decision making.

Email Survey

The most popular method to deliver surveys to date is via email. Create intriguing and appealing survey and send it to the customers through the dashboard.

SMS Survey

SMS Surveys help to reach your customers instantly which improves customer engagement. Create short and simple messages and send it through the dashboard. All created surveys are responsive and hence will auto-adjust on all devices.