Ultimate Customer Referral Program Software

The in-app referral program promotes the growth of the business. Customers can refer your store to their family or friends to earn a percentage of their bill. This is the most rewarding strategy of marketing and maintaining your brand worth.

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No Sign-up Required

The bounce rate increases due to unnecessary sign-up or multiple steps for login. With our customer referral program, all you have to do is click on the link and you will be able to redeem your points. It is as simple as it can get.

Track your History

It has never been easier to track the status of the referrals. You can track whether the referral is in waiting or visited on the dashboard to get a better understanding of the performance of your referral program. This helps to formulate better marketing strategies.

Linked Referral Program

Linking the referral program with a loyalty program is a smart way to leverage the existing customer base to generate more customers for the business. For that reason, we have linked our referral program with the loyalty program.

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Loyalty Program to Keep Customers Happy

Tangible Referral

Tangible referral can prove to be both exciting as well as economical for the customer as it will provide referrals in cash, be it giving discounts through buying one get one free offer or golden cards or credits in the wallet. This will not only increase customer base but will also leave customers happy and satisfied.

Intangible Referral

Intangible referrals can be anything other than cash like membership, recognition or encouragement of social gift cards as customers would love their friends showering with gifts. Such interesting rewards may not help customers with monetary benefits but will help to build customer loyalty and trust.


Attractive bonus can be provided when a customer refers a friend through the referral link and higher % can be provided at the very first referral which will not only increase popularity but will also bring new customers with less credit provided to them. Lucrative bonuses like money back, coupons etc can help to enhance the app more gradually.

Create a Great Referral Program to Boost Business

Customer Loyalty Management System

Customer loyalty operates on two principles i.e. reward and reinforcement. It helps to retain customers by rewarding them
with points for desired actions or repeat purchases.

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