FellaFeeds is a SaaS business with customer feedback app for both mobiles and tablets along with a website,

Being a store owner or business owner, you ought to take monthly or yearly subscription of the software to avail its benefits with Rs. 2,499 monthly subscription and Rs. 19,900 yearly subscription, refund of which would be provided within first 7 days of free trial. To read more about our Refunds/Cancellation policy, Click Here.


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Our customer feedback app provides a great opportunity to you as a business to grow and keep your customers happy and satisfied. Some of the features are:

  1. Our high ended robust technology gives you real time analytics of customer feedbacks making you capable enough to react upon issues instantly.
  2. Our in-built loyalty and referral programs help in attracting new customers and retaining new customers with loyalty points on every visit and cashback and/or points on every referral they make in their peer groups.
  3. Instant alert or notification on negative alert on every low rating or bad review lets you handle it at that every moment, within the store premises before the customer rants about it outside.
  4. Employee’s performance can also be analyzed with feedbacks obtained from customers about the staff and their service, making you train them for performing better and rewarding those who performed well.
  5. You get to promote yourself on various social media or digital platforms like Google, Facebook etc. which helps you get digital in today’s era and get yourself in front of lakhs, or even millions and billions of people.
  6. Last but not the least, our analytics help you analyse your overall business performance and suggest ways to improve upon product and/or services and business tactics too.


If you have any questions about about our business, please contact us.