Smart SMS Survey Software for Customer Feedback. Reach a Greater Audience with FellaFeeds!

Create bespoke feedback forms in minutes to send your survey via SMS and instantly reach your target audience to collect on-the-go feedback via Api and Bulk import CSV and Excel sheets. It is one of the easiest methods to collect efficient feedback.

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Deliver Your SMS Surveys More Efficiently

Create custom & beautiful SMS survey forms that customers can’t resist to answer. FellaFeeds offers tons of features to add character and a level of functionality to your sms surveys. Create Responsive SMS Surveys to run on iPad, Android tablets and smartphones.

Send Bulk SMS

Life is so much easier when you can distribute bulk SMS to large groups at once. It is the best way to gather quick feedback from a broader audience.

Global SMS Gateway

We don’t believe in missing out on any kind of fun so why not send SMS globally to obtain more valuable insights through well-distributed SMS Campaigns.

Import CSV

With our newly added feature, you can easily upload your database with CSV and not miss out on any of your potential customers.

Send SMS Survey via API

Integrate with API to start sending surveys with reliable SMS delivery. Fully customize your SMS survey for optimum results.

FellaFeeds is a perfect platform to grow with your customers.

Create Functional SMS Surveys For Your Customer Feedback

Pick a SMS template

FellaFeeds has inbuilt feedback and survey templates that can be customized to best fit your brand. It is possible to adjust the layout, change the questions and the theme of the survey as needed.

Choose from suggested questions

Confused about the right questions to ask in your feedback form?Click Here Choose from our range of questions to be well on your way to getting reliable responses to reach your goals.

Brand Your Surveys

To brand your surveys add your brand logo, change colour and fonts, add your own background image for it to conform to your brand’s style.

Constructive Feedback with NPS and CSAT

NPS and CSAT assists in measuring customer loyalty and retention score. It offers completely customizable surveys using Matrix, Emoticons, Stars, Sliders and more.

Design Smart Forms

Make surveys more customer friendly by adding logic features like skip to create smart forms. Display only relevant survey screens to your respondents.

Choose Survey Orientation

To provide even a better customer experience you can select your survey orientation and choose between landscape or portrait modes depending on your device.

Multi-Channel Customer Feedback System

On-Premises Survey Software

iOS and Android Devices

Customer Survey can be collected via Kiosks, iPad & Android Tablets or Mobile Phone using the Customer Feedback App- FellaFeeds.

Hand it over

Hand over the tablet or phone to customers for feedback

Online Survey

Embed surveys on the website to collect feedback from visitors while they are browsing
different pages.

Email Survey

Create an intriguing and appealing survey and email it to the customers through the
dashboard or send via APIs.

SMS Survey

Create short and simple messages and send it to customers with survey links.

Mobile Survey

All created surveys are responsive and hence will auto-adjust on
the desktop, mobile and tablets.

Start making beautiful and responsive surveys with FellaFeeds
FellaFeeds has more to offer!

Capture Constructive Feedback

Calculate long and short-term customer satisfaction using Net Promoter Score and CSAT. NPS assists in measuring customer loyalty and retention score.

Completely Customizable Surveys

FellaFeeds offers completely customizable surveys using Matrix, Emoticons, Stars, Sliders and more to provide your customers with great customer experience.

Real-Time Analytics

Real-time customer feedback is a technology that provides fast and accurate feedback. FellaFeeds Real-time dashboard provides useful insights which empower the managers to take important decisions.

Negative Feedback Alerts

Don’t fret with negative feedbacks. Our in-app system alerts you with a message on your phone whenever a customer gives negative feedback.

Smart Responsive Dashboard

Our smart customer feedback monitor gives you insights based on your preference. You can filter your feedbacks, categorise them, mark them and share them as well.

Tracking Respondents

The best and most efficient way to track respondents is to send surveys via email. Fellafeeds enables you to track delivered emails, email open rate, survey open rate and response rate.


For multiple business locations, receive location-based reports and alerts for comparative analysis of reports between different locations to take necessary decisions.

Real-Time Customer Feedback

Observe what customers have to say about your restaurant by employing real-time feedback system which enables you to take quick action to address their issues without any delay.