Student Feedback System for Educational Institutes

Student Feedback system provides a foundation for the schools, colleges, coaching centres & all other educational institutes to conduct students’ feedback online. Student’s can give feedback on Android or iOS devices using a standard designed form. The concerned authority is instantly notified of issues in real-time and it is a great system to find feedback analysis according to the requirements.

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Digital Feedback Forms

Student Feedback App has replaced the age-old way of collecting feedback using pen and paper with these customizable and user-friendly digital feedback forms for quick and hassle-free reviews.

Analysis of Teacher/School

Evaluate the performance of your teachers and professors based on students’ constructive feedback. It will help to improve the syllabus and their teaching methodologies.

Comprehensive Report

Get access to the smart and user-friendly dashboard that provides a detailed report on real-time student feedback which provides a sense of overall functioning of the educational institute.

Negative Feedback Alerts

Our in-app system alerts you with a message on your phone whenever a student gives negative feedback so that you can act upon issues faster and resolve them optimally.

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iOS & Android Survey App

FellaFeeds is available on the Google Play Store and App Store to collect customer feedback on Android devices and iOS devices.

Email Survey

Create an intriguing and appealing survey and email it to the customers through the dashboard or send via APIs.

Online Survey

Embed surveys on the website to collect feedback from visitors while they are browsing different pages.


Turn your device into kiosks to automate the process of feedback collection and set it up at places with high footfall.

Hand it over

Hand over feedback devices to customers at check out counters to capture customer feedback.

SMS Survey

Create short and simple messages and send them to customers with survey links.

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Real-Time Analytics and Exhaustive Reporting

In this digital and competitive era, it is crucial for your educational institute that your students stay ahead and satisfied. For that their complaints should be heard and addressed as soon as possible. Thus, with FellaFeeds, real-time and in-depth analysis of student feedback ensure a prompt and better understanding of your students' needs and their issues to further come up with effective solutions.

Enhance Student Experience

Elevate your student experience by capturing their feedback in a real-time environment and addressing their issues immediately for an ultimate student's satisfaction experience.

Staff Performance Analysis

Analyze the performance of your staff and management based on the feedback received from the customers to either award them for their services or provide them with training to enhance their skills for more efficient service.

Generate Comparative Reports

Get hold of location and data comparative reports for comparing ratings across all the branches of your restaurant. Collect feedback from multiple locations and further filter data to evaluate feedback location-wise to know trends. Collect feedback from multiple locations of your schools, colleges, coaching centres & all other educational institutes and further filter the data report to evaluate student satisfaction and build your strategy accordingly.

Get Summarized Reports via Mail

Stay updated with all student-teacher feedback and complaints via daily, weekly or monthly reports. This helps you to understand your students’ learning and teachers’ teaching practices a whole lot better.

Multi-Feature Student Feedback App to Enhance Student Learning

Design Your Own Surveys

Get started with your choice of feedback forms and surveys with cool fonts, colours and customized questions to make them unique for your educational institute.

Real-time SMS & Email alerts

Get real-time updates via emails & SMS to analyze results and take necessary action to resolve issues immedia

Location-based Reports

For multiple schools, colleges, coaching centres & all other educational institutes locations, receive location-based reports and alerts for comparative analysis of reports between different locations to take necessary decisions.

Monitor Performance

Easily filter survey results for a deep understanding of the data which will provide you with more flexibility for comprehensive analysis.

Device Tracking

Now it is possible to track all the devices deployed at multiple business locations. Battery level, device status, device location & more.

Real-time Complaint Management System

With real-time analysis of negative feedbacks, get instant alerts to cater to any issue at that instant and resolve it before the student is left dissatisfied.

Educational Institutes that FellaFeeds Assist


Student feedback helps to improve the culture of the school and ensures quality learning. Simply set up kiosks in classrooms to capture student feedback about the assignments, activities, assessments and performance of teachers.

Coaching Institutes

Student feedback and testimonials help to build the reputation of the coaching institute. Set up kiosks in the classrooms or email the students with the survey link to collect feedback about the pace of the class, syllabus and student understanding.


Student feedback helps to build the skill of critical assessment which is useful in real life. Set up kiosks at classrooms, cafeteria and auditorium to collect feedback regarding the quality of education and services provided.

Online & e-Learning courses

Student feedback is very useful for online courses to improve the effectiveness of e-learning programs as students need more support in the online environment.

Education Centres

Feedback plays a vital role in quality teaching and student learning as it provides valuable insights. Capture feedback regarding the course content, teacher interaction, class timing and syllabus covered.

Elementry Schools

Create feedback with colourful background and cool fonts to capture young children’s attention so that they are more excited to fill the feedback form. Use emoji and matrix to capture their level of satisfaction.

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