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FellaFeeds offers customized email marketing services for big and small businesses. Our easy-to-use platform is equipped with templates and tools to create engaging emailers.

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Why do business need Email Marketing?


It is a wise idea for businesses to opt for email marketing since people tend to take action on them more often. You can use it to direct traffic to your website and ultimately drive sales or tell them about the new offers and discounts.

Brand Awareness

Emails are the best way to reach out to people and make them learn about your products and services. It gives you the ability to increase that interest level by staying top of their mind.

Targeted Mails

If you have generated a lot of leads from other marketing strategies but were unable to convert them successfully, email marketing can be your good shot at it. Emailers to targeted customers act as reminders and help to move these prospects down your sales funnel efficiently.


The cost per conversion is quite low with email marketing and so we see, every company still participates or engages with their audience more often via emails. Email marketing offers a significant ROI.

Easy to measure performance

One can easily get a clear picture of how the email campaigns are performing and make adjustments to improve them. It is simple to track who opened the email, which links were clicked and how many people subscribed or unsubscribed.

Reach Potential Customers

Everybody uses email in this digital era. Hard to believe but a well-designed email produces higher conversion rates than many other forms of marketing.

More effective than Social Media

Yes, social media is a crucial component in any business’ marketing strategy but when it comes to converting people into clients or customers or supporters, email marketing is the best way.


Email message resonates with the reader and while going through their mails, they put more trust in such emailers since they believe it can provide them with something of value.

Better Engagement

Email marketing is important for building relationships with prospects, leads, current clientele and even past customers since it gives you a chance to speak to them directly and at their convenient time.

Best Email Automation Service by FellaFeeds

Unleash the Power of Email Marketing

Automated Email Builder

Whether you’re a startup or an established brand, FellaFeeds's easy‑to‑use email builder has the tools you need to grow your business. Give your emails a professional look in no time. Use our readymade email automations or customize your own to reach the right person at the right time.

Engaging Templates

FellaFeeds’s drag and drop mailer tool will save you a lot of time in creating designs on different softwares. Our rich template library enables you to create simple or but effective and engaging email campaigns. You can pick the best responsive template to suit business/brand themes.

Unlimited Contacts

The best part about our email marketing is the ability to reach out to unlimited people in one click. Just upload the email ids, set your template, add the content and click the send button.

100% Inbox Acceptance

We not only ensure fast, personalized email building to get the word out to your customers but also work hard to keep your mails out of their spam folder. Maximum email delivery is our top priority.

Content Bank

Store and manage all your files from our content studio which allows you to create and monitor performance on your email campaigns anywhere, anytime.

Device Responsive Email

Nowadays, more and more emails are read on mobile than on desktop. We provide common as well as different design templates to work across all platforms or devices optimally. We ensure you satisfy the needs of the large screen user and the mobile user in with our simple yet powerful email builder.

Advanced Reports

With FellaFeeds’s performance tracker, you can quickly identify your campaign performance, what's working and the amendments required to make smarter decisions moving forward. Get to know precisely what contacts opened the email, where the receiver clicked, or how they interacted with your emails.

Schedule Emails

Draft and save your email to shoot them at the best time to get maximum engagement. With our email performance and analysis, overtime, it becomes easy to personalize your communication and improve your reactivity rates.

A/B Testing

By sending one variation of your campaign to a subset of your contacts and a different variation to another subset, our email builder helps you figure out which garners the best results in order to improve the overall performance.

Good Return on Investment

Our emailing tool offers the highest return on your marketing expense. The main benefit is that you can make your own creative and professional emails without any technical or design assistance which saves a lot of time and money.

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You can also easily share your emails on social media handles like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to drive engagement. Craft and draft your posts and creatives for all social media platforms right from the email builder. By clicking the send button for the email, we also publish the post on your social media. Reusability of same content has never been this easy.

Now that you have learnt about this advanced all-in-one email builder, let’s jump on to make you a pro at email marketing in no time.